JWA Ideas We Want To See

  1. 1v1 Rematch or live footage of alliance members pvping against each other.

  2. Being able to send members who are already in alliances invites to your alliance.

  3. A new arena possibly the highest that is in a snow biome.

  4. Maxing out certain levels creatures can go to in arenas so really good players don’t go down several arenas trying to farm incubators.

I love the game and these are just suggestions by me.


Built in 1v1 recordings could probably break the game or if not slow it down considerably. Best use screen record

If you’re planning to leave an alliance and take a few people with you you can friend them and invite them afterwards

There’s a chance they add arenas themed around Jurassic World Dominion

Maxing out certain creatures in the arena would have to be very specific because if you to Aviary you’ll start off seeing level 16s to level 21s and by the end you get level 23s to 26s. Aviary is a place where the stat requirement curve sky rockets.


They need to do something. I’d rather fight something closer to my creatures abilities versus someone who has lvl 30’s that has purposely lowered their arena area to get easier kills. So either limit arenas to levels, make it so you cannot go under an arena if you reach it… or just give those that want incubators the NPC bot to fight against option that doesn’t affect their arena score either way but still counts towards the incubators and 10 kills. have that npc as an option instead of just in case they can’t find anyone. I don’t mind losing, but i’ve seen some of these that are too high even for mine just go afk because there isn’t anything i have that can take it down so it drags out the fight. i’d rather lose quickly and honestly than have a long drawn out fight against something i can’t beat

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Please see my Topic about Alliance improvements. It incorporates much of what you wrote here and more.

I feel our alliances need an overhaul.

  1. The chat is not robust enough. We need to be able to post strategies and ping active members to help them raid and grow… and
  2. The alliance leadership needs a way to motivate members and make alliances more appealing. Currently they don’t offer whats needed. Leaders should be able to reward active members and promote activity…
  3. Alliance members should automatically be added to your friends list (making total friends at least 150 not the current 100).
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