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I have been reading this forum almost since day 1 without any need of creating account here. But now i feel i have to write my first topic about how to save this game (Mod edit).
I have been playing this game since day 1 and you know what? I miss the good old days where the levels of dinos and skills mattered. Now this amazing game became p2w, players leaving in massive waves, aliances are crashing, hunting and battle skill does not matter anymore, leaderboard & matchmaking are broken, seasonal tournaments are worthless and some DNA’s are almost impossible to find.

  1. Ludia’s profit
    I completely agree with profit for Ludia as they need to make profit to keep this game running. But they need to deserve our money. There are much more ways how to make profit without making massive impact to gameplay (yeah talking about boosts). Actually i think almost nobody wants them but we were not given any other choice otherwise our teams which we were making better since beginning would become useless. So the only possibility was to buy boosts to keep competitiveness with the others and stay at top.
    *Make VIP better. As the drone is boosted 33%, DNA received from incubators should be 33% boosted as well. Also there should be an extra incubator slot for VIP spenders. And the last thing is we should know if there is for example an epic dino despawning. I dont mean there should be timer or something. I think slow dino flashing with 3 minutes or fast flashing with 1 minute to despawn would be absolutely ok.
    *Make skins for dinos. Skins are great. Other games use them for players who just want to vary from the others and company gains huge profit from them without impact to gameplay. And skins are cool. Just imagine dark zombie looking Erlikospyx without eyes with few chunks of flesh on the skeleton or Thor with legs protruding from his mouth (last dino eaten). Some skins could be free as a level up reward and others buyable…

  2. Boost modofication
    I assume now there is 0% chance boosts will ever be removed. But Ludia has still possibility to modify them. I think that at T10 +50% power dino is just way too much. Just because for example T5 adds 12% of power which makes hunting worthless. I mean making dino to T6 improves him by 38% which is +7,6lvl above dino level. Boosts should never be more efficient that leveling dino up.
    *Make boosts at T10 maximum +20% power of each dino.
    *Make boosts removable. Nobody wants to use the same squad for years just because it is boosted and also we have spent real money on dinos which have been nerfing in patches. It is unacceptable. Or apply system similar to this: New stat boosts system
    *Dont spam ingame shop 2 times a week offering boosts. Boosts should only make slight diference in matches not decide whole matches and advante big spenders.
    *Make confirmation button when leveling up creature

  3. Leaderboard & matchmaking
    I think that 1.6 matchmaking was by far the best we have ever had. And also most fair. Now we can see multiple players occupying the top of the leaderboard with teams few levels lower than top teams without any necessary to play against them.
    *Make matchmaking from Aviary and higher trophy based (actual trophy, not high score) since it is the only fair matchmaking for top players to decide about rank on the leaderboard.

  4. Seasonal tournament, Weekend tournament
    I think we all want to be rewarded for 6 weeks long tournament like we deserve. I dont get why weekend tournament is rewarded much better than whole season. I personally cant play on weekends just because i spend them with my GF or family. Last thing i want to do is spend whole weekend by playing.
    *Put seasonal tournament to previous format where we were received coins, cash, incubators and DNA.
    *Make weekend tournaments game limited, where doesnt win the one who plays the most but the one with the most skills. Also make unique tournaments so we can use all the best dinos we have been working so hard on.

  5. Hunting & daily migration
    Hunting is almost worthless now but after boost modification could be great again. I considered myself as one of the most passionate hunters outside. I love hunting dinos and exploration so much but now sadly hunting is not great at all. Because of boosts and because of extremely bad decomposition of dinos in the wild. I made few researches and found out that if you want find specific rare dino you have very low chances to find it even if you try on Wednesdays or Saturdays when spawn hybrids with lower chances to spawn. 80% of all rare dinos were the daily ones or global ones. So if you for example try to find Tuojiangosaurus in local 1, you have to meet something like 25 rare dinos just to find 1! I think it has something to do with daily spawns which overflood the whole wild hunting world. But also Wednesdays or Saturdays doesnt help us to find the ones we want. Yesterday i found only 9 local rares between 50 rares. The other ones were globals and few Ankylocodons.
    I dont think daily migration is good idea since there are days which many of us cant play.
    Also there should be improvement in park spawns since there are players who just dont have park in their town and so are punished by the system.
    *Make global and daily spawn significantly lower and let us find what we look for.
    *Cancel daily migration and make local 5 instead. Or make daily migration every week rotational. I mean Monday dinos on Tuesday next week etc.
    *Let spawn park dinos randomly spawn under green supply drops.

  6. Aliance missions, daily missions and santuaries
    I think we all know that aliance missions are joke for a few months since they never changed since releasing. We despairingly beg for change almost every day with no response.
    Daily missions are quite ok but could be changable by players for what they want or by aliance members by voting daily mission dino because the rewards from santuaries are just too low. Even in higher level santuaries we gain almost the same amount of DNA like from the lower ones.
    *Change aliance missions.
    *Make DNA reward from daily missions optional.
    *Increase Santuary rewards.

  7. Aliance
    I think we all have already met the aliance scroll bug where the whole screen is scrolled down and we have to restart the game. Also i think there are many aliances where players use chat but it is too obfuscatory because there are also requests between the lines. Not talking about leadership tools which are very missing and also very important to recognize active aliance members. The only actual way to recognize inactive members is seeing them too long with 0 score after beggining of new season and not seeing their requests or donations.
    Solution :
    *Fix the scroll bug.
    *Separate chat and requests.
    *Make tools for aliance leaders to check activity of members.

  8. Dracoceratops
    Sadly the last thing is also very hurting and also punishing players without Dracoceratops. Personally i dont use her since i find it cheap way to win. I understand there is also strategy needed to use her properly but she is just too overpowered. Making Tyrant legendary dino from 2 basic commons causing big arena imbalance is just too much. Many times we are just not chosen counter dino to the game so we are screwed. Not talking about ridiculously high damage and attack so she can easily kill us 2 fast dinos with no chance to prevent it at all. I think no dino should have access to that amount of power, even unique from Dracoceratops not. I have met enemy Dracoceratops in 38 games of last 45 which could be coincidence. Or not…
    *Make priority moves be faster than swap.
    *Change swap in rampage for strike or impact. Otherwise nerf her HP and DMG to the ground.



Well I for one am glad you’ve made the effort to make this post .
And I agree 100% with everything you’ve said .


awesome post, all your ideas are really good
sadly probably Ludia won’t care about it


@Ludia_Developers Please read this,this is important for your game and your players


this is the most big mistake


I love how much love they gave to DC, a legendary made from 2 commons. I also love how much love they give to this

It’s funny really. Makes me laugh.


I would quit the game if I had to see Monolometrodon waddling into the arena with a swap in rampage :joy: :joy:


Thank you for creating an account and posting! @HUN73R


I agree in nearly every point, just see a little different in hunting. Local 5 would be OK but if you make the locals way more present then the global or daily ones are underrepresented. It’s down to what you need.


Great post!

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Great post and i agree in nearly all points!
Just small things like: I don’t think it’d be a good idea to place random park Dinos under green stops because there would be missing the weekly spawns is where i don’t completely agree with you. Really nice that you’ve created an account and made the effort to create that structured, and detailed post!

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Can’t find fault with anything you say :100:
But also shows how little they actually need to do to turn a broken game into a fantastic one :thinking:


Great Post! I hope Ludia reads this.
Another change should be made with the tower battles, cause they lost so much excitement.
I believe most of you guys remember the times when it was fun to think about a strategy on how to finish the epic tower, especially those with Level 30 Dinos. Even when i was losing a tower battle, it was more fun as it is now.
minor changes could fix this:

  • disable boosts (preferred)
  • boost the opponent

We need 2 kinds of tournaments, the boosted one and no boosted for classic players.

I love the resto of ur ideas. agree 100%


Wonderful post! Worth the read.
One thing I wouldn’t do is skins. I like the way they look and I don’t want this to become a kids game where you can buy dance moves and purple dino skins to show off how much you spent… Please leave them. (Unless they are ONLY cool and realistic like the examples you mentioned)


Perhaps we need a compromise on that. I very nearly quit JWA before the boosts, because all I ever needed was epic DNA, and my team couldn’t beat the epic strike towers so I fell further and further behind. For all the problems boosts have, I was glad they existed so that I stood a chance at strike towers.

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I love this post. Some really great ideas that I’d love to see implemented.

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Make Monolo the new Draco… could you imagine him with immunity?? :open_mouth:


Imagination got me instant heart attack :sweat_smile:

i have an additional suggestion:

  • make game open source. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
    so we can all fix the bugs. :nerd_face:
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