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Jwa imported hybrid ideas

So I’ve got some ideas for the game that could be implemented in the cenozoic side based off of Alives hybrids.


Tsintaomoth (Tsintaosaurus + Mastodon)
Health 12,885
Attack 3,085
Ferocity 22,757
Class Snow
Dna cost 84,000

Grylenken (Gryposuchus + Kelenken)
Health 4,995
Attack 4,885
Ferocity 20,659
Class savannah
Dna cost 74,520


Eremoceros (Eremotherium + Eucladoceros)
Health 7,280
Attack 1,982
Ferocity 13,622
Class Cavern
Dna cost 52,000


Andrewtherium (Andrewsarchus + Deinotherium)
Health 3,965
Attack 1,216
Ferocity 7,856
Class Snow
Dna cost 29,160

Tsintaomoth would be my favourite, stats are up to interpretation however I carefully thought these out based off of where our current cenozoic hybrids fit.

Tsintaomoth should have more health than boa considering that it’s a mammoth but less Attack.
Grylenken should be a glass cannon like we have currently with segnosuchus and metriaphodon.
Eremoceros is only just above mammotherium in ferocity, while it does have a standard legendary counterpart as opposed to a super rare (elasmotherium) it’s tournament legendary is also alot weaker than woolly mammoth.
Andrewtheriums ferocity and dna cost sits perfectly between entelorhacos and indricoceros where it should be, andrewsarchus is a pretty decent legendary as opposed to phorusrhacos.

Hope you guys like these ideas and :crossed_fingers: we see one of these in the game.


I like them, just hope that Andrewtherium looks better in the game than it does in Alive.


I believe we could get the original tsintaomoth if we get a gen 2 mammoth. We have a gen 2 mosa so why not a gen 2 mammoth. I also think we will get allosinosaurus and arctlaces once we get allosaurus gen 2 and cervalces


No need for the gen 2 mammoth because mastodon is a woolly mammoth.

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Yep. But who knows the two might even get their own hybrids

They’re different genuses.

Its still a mammoth regardless though.

No, they’re not.