JWA Imposters 2.12!

I think Ref got worried that Indot was on to them.

Maybe, maybe

Or it could be that Indot was looking sus doing something innocent and referentem got it wrong?

Phor looking sus, ate that bagel for too long…

Monolometrodon was NOT the impostor…

Three impostors remain…

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I still say Phor or indot

I’d say Indotaurus, Argen 2, or Monolometrodon



We have received data from previous meeting!!!

Refrenatem - Indot is too sus. He hasn’t done a single task and he’s following us everywhere.
Indotaurus - I’m just trying to figure out who’s impostor.
Phorurex - I think -CHEW- that Monolometrodon is -CHEW- the impostor -CHEW-
Indotaurus - Makes sense, he hasn’t done a thing. Yet…
Diorajasaur - But neither has Argenteryx 1 and 2.
Gorgotrebax - And why are you scaring Indoraptor?
Diorajasaur - I’m not. He scared because attacked him in medical last round.
Phorurex - Where’s -CHEW- Parasaurthops?
Argenteryx 1 - Bruh how are you still eating that bagel.
Phorurex - I -CHEW- took one from -CHEW- Argenteryx 2.
Argenteryx 2 -You did what!?!
Indotaurus - IDK let’s vote.

3 minutes later…

Indotaurus - Monolometrodon has most votes.
Phorurex - Well you -CHEW- know what to do…
Monolometrodon - NO! I"M INNOCENT!!!

KILL ROUND (Impostor will attack a creature)

Phorurex has been killed…

Fish waffles with seaweed sausage and a side of bagel.

It has a beak not teeth

Argenteryx 1 is sus he is eating fish waffles seaweed sausages and a “bagel”

Oh yeah. Then now idk lol

I might get banned, but did Pho “Lethal Rampage And Run” Himself


What if Phor has multiple bagels, but Teryx 1 killed Phor and stole Phor’s last bagel?

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If diorajasaur is scaring Indoraptor, this means he’s obviously an imposter.

Or he’s just possibly playing a prank on Indoraptor.


What if Dio is scaring Indo off because Dio knows Indo is the imposter, but Indo is pretending to be scared to make Dio look bad?

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Good point, but either way we gotta eject either dio or indo
Or maybe they’re BOTH imposters… :wink: