JWA Imposters 2.12!


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That is correct.

Also, I don’t get how you guys thought bagel was sus. Sometimes you just have to eat your bagel.

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Indoraptor was an Impostor…

Two impostors remaining…

YES we got indo out, there was reverse psychology
Maybe dio might be imposter too?

I’d say the other two are Ref and either Argen or Parasauthops.

Could you add this to the next Imposters post?

Why does it have two strikes one of which is a direct downgrade of the other?

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It came from the ingredients

Couldn’t you give it Distracting Impact instead of Defense Shattering Strike?

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It does not need fierce strike and defense shattering strike. The moves literally do the exact same thing

Here my version

Also Scorpios kinda sus

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Guys no more requests.


I undrerstand that the move came from ingredients but defense shattering strike is just a waste of a move spot when defense shattering strike and is just a downgraded version of fierce strike: both moves have a cooldown of 0.


when can we vote again? just asking

Oh yeah forgot

  • Indotaurus
  • Diorajasaur
  • Refrenatem
  • Gorgotrebax
  • Scorpius Rex
  • Argenteryx 1
  • Argenteryx 2
  • Lilliensternus

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Did Parasauthops call an Emergency meeting?

No it was Scorpios Rex who did

Were’s parathops in the vote?

Oh, I forgot. It wont let me change

Ok so parathops is NOT an imposter. We know this because it wasn’t important enough to koola888, meaning that para is just another innocent.

Of course I might be wrong but…