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JWA Imposters 2.12!

Ok so parathops is NOT an imposter. We know this because it wasn’t important enough to koola888, meaning that para is just another innocent.

Of course I might be wrong but…


  • Argenteryx 2
  • Indotaurus
  • Scorpius Rex
  • Parasaurthops

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You’re wrong. I was just in a rush.

So then is para the imposter lol

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Parasaurthops was the impostor…

One impostor remains

I’d say the last one is either one of the Argenteryx, or Indotaurus or even Scorpios Rex (which Gen is it?)

Wat is everyone doing

ahahhahahahha called it….
What’s the list of creatures left?

Why are people saying scorp? It hasn’t done anything except eat a bagel and koolaid literally said the bagel had nothing to do with who the imposter is

Cuz eating a bagel is sus

Credit to @HolyPoly1026.

Again, eating a bagel is not sus. When you eat bagel does the FBI start knocking on you door???


Maybe. It’s VERY sus.

Everything is sus in amongsus

Good Point.

What are the players doing now? @koola888


  • Argenteryx 2
  • Indotaurus
  • Scorpius Rex
  • Diorajasaur
  • Argenteryx 1
  • Gorgotrebax
  • Refrenatem

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Scorpius Rex was not the impostor…

It’s definitely one of the Argenteryx’s then.