JWA is crashing!

I have not been able to spend more than a minute on the game before it crashes! Has anyone else had this issue? I noticed it was very glitchy the past couple of days and today I haven’t been able to do anything!!! Please fix this as I can’t even collect my rewards let alone work on daily/weekly missions, play the tournament/battle or even hunt the epics! I feel like I am missing out on the essentials of the game to keep improving my team! Ludia!!! Please help!

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Other than one time about half hour ago (9:30 GMT) when the game froze mid way through opening a battle incubator, it has been working fine all day for me.

Thanks for the reply. I am still having issues! I can’t even get to the help in settings before the game crashes.

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Perhaps try and force stop the app in your phone settings and then try to restart the app? I often find that helps when I have issues with mobile apps.

I just deleted the app from my phone and reinstalled it. Still crashing :frowning: and a bit frustrating if I may add!

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I’ve got no idea then. Hopefully someone will see this and help you out.

i have a 50:50 chance whenever i hit the fight button - either the app crashes or the fight starts…
that also happens in many cases that i collect incubators or start the drone and so on…

Hey Ouija, I’m sorry that the game is starting to crash on your device. Could you email our team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and device information so they can investigate and provide you with further troubleshooting?