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JWA is dead


from my point of view, the game is dead and ready for shut down!

Since the release of the boosts, the game turned into a crap pay to win game. Without buying boosts, no more chance to win battles…you ruined a good game for some money but you will see soon that this was the wrong decision. I understand that your company needs to earn money but turning a game into a crap pay to win is wrong…I can’t and won’t afford the boosts, the daily boosts you can get are for nothing…You have 2 choices, removing the boosts at all or the game will be dead in a few weeks! I am afraid that you will continue selling boosts, so thanks for wasting my time on this game which I played for a year…




You sound poor.
Not Lydia’s Target Demographic .




I’m not surprised that with their last update they wanted to grab as much money as they can.
So these “accidental” unlimited boost sales are intended to get money and close this game.

And yeah, they killed this game.
I do hope that any (absolutely any) company will buy Jurassic world franchise and make JWA2. Any other company will do it much better.


To be honest, all those whining boo hoo, i cant buy boosts because of lack of HC. Have you actually met someone so boosted you know you lose?

Have you actually played long term or just talking theoretically? Boosts arent killing the game, the matchmaking is. Based on the old matchmaking, boosted players would find their niche after a few days. As would you. Now with the matchmaking, you will be always matchmade against players who are “similar” power to you. A boosted Thora at lvl 21 is the same level as an unboosted Thora at lvl 25 and vice versa.

Losing streaks ensue. Game gets angering to play


This is a level 16 DC.

With stats as a level 20-21

In lower arenas.


Solo whole teams.


Please stop being like a guy who works for Ludia.

I am playing this game for 1 year now, spent hours outside hunting for level 30 uniques team + lots of real money spent to get coins + incubators (in start) + using epic scents purchases from HC bought from real cash.

Now the team I made is useless or actually losing too much to those who are just spending unlimited money due to boosts. Why I worked so hard and spent in past 1-year?

I could have spent all those money now have team much better than what I have now. Was in top 100 and now just hanging barely in 4800 trophy range.

Btw I did spent my last 23K HC on boosts sale over last weekend and thats the status of arena losing mentioned above after this.

These boosts + match-making fully killed the game (at-least for me and IMO); if this continues I will be also gone sooner rather than later.


My recent todays opponents even when now I am at 4800 trophies range:

Just see the imbalance now there is


You read 1 sentence and assumed my stand.

I was a top 250 player. My issue isnt boosts, if it was the old matchmaking system, you would have found a point where you could build from. Whether it be 5k.trophies or 4.8k trophies.

The new system is you are fixed at a power level. If you so happens to have a team whose power level is in reality is lower than it should be, you will forever be fighting the same group of opponents. There is not point where you can stop losing and start to win.

I feel all your pain. My own team has been kicked back many times from 5.1k down to 4.9k due to 2 to 3 bad matches. Imagine 10 wins, 3 losses and still a net -50 to -100 trophies.

Boosts themselves are not different from a nerf hammer on a few dinos and a buff on others. The rankings change and people move from 1 team to another. Its the matchmaking that makes the effects of the boosting feel frustrating. On top of the lame trophy system.


Boosts and buying boosts didn’t completely ruin the game,
The way they implemented them & the change in match making did,

Throw on top the people using the unlimted boosts bug,

Its like throwing in a group of spoofers and saying they dont affect the game that much,

Disappointed in ludia, even more disapointed in those that cheated,


You probably don’t play enough to conclude this.
I’m regular top 10. And matchmaking is not the only responsible. Boosts are as much too.
Your example with thora is cute but when you talk about level 30 boosted it’s not relevant at all… Cause no one is going to have a level 35 because it… Doesn’t exist.

And it doesn’t take too long to be broken. Just a magna boosted faster than your dinos. Oh you can’t do anything despite your team is all 30…
Before everyone could still handle magna with timed DC. But now with 5500 hp? Not anymore.

Matchmaking is wrong.
Boosts are a total failure in balance of the game.
They need to go. Their design is a failure. Their selling is a failure. Their distribution is a failure (hello saved daily incubator that makes it unbelievably unfair).

Boosts are making grinding, core of the game for a year, irrelevant. It’s clearly a sign that something is really wrong.


You comments make me think you havent actually played the game… or you just dont understand what your talking about…

As someone that has purchased boosts I have absolutely thrashed teams 5 levels higher then mine 3-0… without thor in my lineup. And i have met people who have invested more then me that have destroyed me with one boosted dino.

I hope you really dont think a boosted level 21 is equal to a non boosted 25… because i can assure my lvl 21 utahsino will oneshot a level 29 on crit with critical impact before the 29 does anything.


You just proved my point. That is the exact calculation Ludia puts in when matchmaking. Lvl 25 unboosted is equal to lvl 21 boosted.

My team of lvl 27 to 30 ends up being matched with lvl 24 to 26. I win. Then i meet the opposite. all lvl 30s with MVP boosts. I lose. There is very few battles where i meet a team about my boosting.

Ludia’s calculations have made matchmaking a pain to work with.

Keep this thread alive! :black_heart:

So many good points!

Spot on!

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Match making doesnt count boosts at all…if it did level 9s wouldnt have to play against boosted dinos but they do.

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You are top of the game. To you, boosts break the game because they spoil your fun. To me, boosts are just another lvling mechanism. Those who boost more go further. So they go to the top. Just like those who have the money and time to buy scents and incubators to get all the top dinos go to the top.

The problem with matchmaking is that you are matched always with people who are the same power level as you. Regardless of if its true in reality. You can battle 10 times and not meet someone who is close to your level. Too high, too low, too lucky or too unlucky.

Unlimited boosts should never happen. Boosts do remove the need to grind in the short term. But they will tamper off and lvling will return. Just like why I am scrambling to upgrade my Magna to lvl 27. Yes i suck. Its only lvl 27.

Power level calculations are screwed. Boosts are calculated as a form of lvl or factor. Why else would someone with lvl 24 dinos be matched with someone with lvl 30 dinos? Boosting extent. Did that happen under the previous meta?

I agree lvl 9s shouldnt meet boosted but the algorithm thinks they should because the power level is calculated to be equal or within acceptable range.

I do like the idea of boosts but i think they need to limit them. So you can’t push a Level 16 Dino to the same damage/Health/Speed Level of a 22 Dino.
A lot of the time it’s the combination of boosts and sometimes totally off matchmaking.
does the matchmaking even calculate boosts?

I don’t know and i am clearly not one of a good player. But matching me (Player Level 16 max. Lvl 20 Dinos, no unique and barely any boosts) with one who has 2 unique in the playing team, boosted up to the moon was a bit strange.

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While I wouldn’t say that it’s dead (yet), I do get the feeling that if they don’t reverse some of the game-breaking changes (i.e. stat-boosts) JWA will soon become extinct.