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‘JWA is like a box of chocolates’ bug

Bug Description: Ludia using any random Dino name in strike description

Area is was found in: strikes

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- go into a strike and read description
Step 2 - look confused

How often does it happen: more often than not

What type of device are you using: irrelevant

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

I guess you guys work hard, and it’s probably a bit of effort to match the pics with the correct names.
Rather than confusing lower level players, perhaps giving them default names like ‘Fred’ and ‘Bob’ would make things easier?


Remember this little gem? Skoolosaurus wasn’t even released when this tower was out, but they still recommend using it! Stuff like this just makes me chuckle.


Also, their tips are wrong, Ankylocodon can destroy shields

Hey, Im sure they work hard to fix the game…not

Thank you for reporting this, @PuffMummy! I apologize for any confusion this has caused. I have already forwarded this to the team.

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Happened a while ago to me too

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Maybe you should advise Ludia :beer:

“Fred and Bob” <- I totally vote for a Fred and Bob option!! (Now I’m gonna clean up the drink I spilled bursting out in laughter while reading your post) :joy:



That’s exactly what I was thinking when I saw this topic, @Carnoraptor.troodon!! :rofl: