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JWA is the best game by far!

Well here I am after another marathon session on Guns of Glory and Game of Thrones. Both of which I’m playing to get the in game cash thanks to Tapjoy.

What I have come to realise is how good this game is compared to such dross as these games and others like Final Fantasy, Coinmaster, etc… Infact the only game that comes close is PokemonGo .

So despite the bugs, the flaws, the onus on spending money to get further, this is by far the best game there is as far as a mobile game goes in my opinion.


As questionable some choices in this game are, I still have fun playing it. Sure there’s always a bad night or two, but compared to other mobile games, and specifically AR games, JWA is one of the best.

I played WU for about a month and a half and got bored so quickly I haven’t even opened it in weeks. JWA does a good job of staying engaging.


This is why I keep playing too. Every time I decide to check out Pokemon GO and Draconius GO again I get bored silly. Once I reached level 40 in PoGo last year during August Community Day, boredom set in. Also, I really don’t care too much about Pokemon and I really don’t care about Harry Potter so I have zero interest in playing the new Niantic Harry Potter AR game.

However, I absolutely LOVE all the Jurassic Park/World movies so that’s why I stick with JWA. Oh, and I actually really enjoy battling. At least when mm is fair.


Of course it’s a great game! If it weren’t, most of us wouldn’t be here anymore and it would have been terminated a long time ago with the number of screw ups the company makes…


A lot of us have been playing since launch and sadly many did stop playing. The list is too long. :confused:


Coming from a PC gaming background, :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:, the company would have collapsed if they were to survive only on PC gamers support.

Mobile games are definitely held at a lower standard and expectations than PC games, so many bugs and so focused on Pay to Win.

Other than that, the concept is good and could be a great game if implemented well (which is currently not as smooth as expected).


being honest, even with the unfair matchmaking, boosts and Thor I still enjoy the game


the game concept is fantastic. just isn’t well maintained now…

should be because of jwa is a clone inspired on that?


Thought this was a pre 1.7 post


(cough cough 168 speed rinex)

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Pokemon go has much more longer list than jwa… I prefer jwa cause of rural friendly and turn based battle… If lot of people say jwa p2w then the other game is more p2w actually (eg : pokemon masters). If ludia didn’t sell boost, do you think people will bought incubator/hc? (most people will ask to lower the price for those item and coin and still not really attractive) Just my opinion, don’t blame me

Despite the negativity from a lot of people this is a really great game.

This is indeed a great game…and yes some things are not as you would like, but still much better then PoGo that I played for 2 years and stopped playing when they started their shiny crap…
So note to the developers never ever bring shiny dino’s into this great game :wink:

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That’s why so many people are so passionate about it :slight_smile: When anything touches their awesome game, they get upset! Call it disturbance in the force.
I love the game also, despite being annoyed by it all the time.
For me it’s the best mobile game I ever played, but also the most buggy. Ah well, can’t have it all.


It has the potential to be a great game, sure. Its going backwards at the minute.

Totally agree its better than the Tapjoy rot tho.


@shahreza i know i can’t buy my epic scents like before because i need a minimum of 15k on hand in case of crazy boost sales. I don’t buy those incubator specials unless they have hard cash.

Before boosts hit, this was the funnest mobile game I had ever played, so props for that at least. Lot of great memories too. :grin:

Dont miss this game at all now, and it has turned me off of all mobile games all together. These phone game companies are all the same and the management is mostly all horrible and greedy people, imo anyway. :yum:

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personally I stopped liking pogo when they added raids


Jwa is the only game I’ve ever played so that makes it my favorite :wink:. The players that have played since launch understand the difference in the game better than newer players. I won’t mention boosts, but will mention the huge difference in spawns and how much more of a money grab it has become overall. I still love it though and am not leaving anytime soon. What would I do if I actually uninstalled, something productive? :joy: Keep it fun!