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[JWA] Jurassic World Alive | Achievement Mail Issue

Hello DPG members,

Earlier today our team was made aware of an issue that occurred with one of the Achievement mails that were sent to players. We quickly realized there was an error, and as a result, pulled these mails from the affected accounts. Less than 0.5% of players that were able to collect the Mail received more DNA than intended and our team will take measures to make sure this does not happen in the future.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and your continued support is appreciated.


someone added an extra 0 probably.

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Off topic but may I make a request to lower the amount of direct hits needed on the drone dead shot achievement or increase it but make it so we can do it on a rare instead

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An issue into another issue?
Im impressed

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One extra 0, you say? :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, thanks but let’s not send out 1000s of Legendary DNA next time? Thank you


What in the world…


How do you mess up that bad.

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I personally if I were you … not to make anyone angry and not to make a real bad impression … I would give these 1000 DNA to ALL PLAYERS … regards


that my friend, would destroy lower arenas so much. Its ludicrous to have a legendary running around when your team is made of commons or something

(talking about lower lvl players, not you specifically)


It was supposed to be 10 and they sent 1000 :laughing:

I woke up too late… got the Blue badge I was supposed to get but missed out on the 1000 monolomet.


10 characters

yes I had thought about it, actually … anyway 1000 legendary DNA is a good chunk of time saved …

well, not sure about that since both ingredients are very easy to obtain

like 100k of commons precisely, obviously when you merge you will occasionally get something more than 10 dna at a time …

So the players who didn’t receive the 1,000 dna will they get it when they beat that achievement? Or are we 50 percenting issues again? :wink: oops


You are completely forgiven. Don’t give it another thought.
In fact, feel free to inconvenience me any time you like.


I better be getting my 1000 bucks the game took away from me. Did the missions but no rewards were given and it was 1000 bucks! Come on ludia

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Haha, really??? This happens constantly for almost 3 years and I can bet that this will happen many times again. Some players will get benefits from your bugs and you will say “sorry, this will never happen again”.