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JWA-JW:TG Creatures Crossover?

I guess not a lot of folks took especial interest in the re-balancing topic. Perhaps an alteration is in order. With the current addition of Indominus Gen 2 it seems fair to speculate we are going to be getting other creatures noteworthy in JWA. Since that game began the whole Gen 2 concept.

Does anyone play both games (I do but JWA much less lately), and if so any creatures you would like to see? A favorite of mine below.


I think that many of us try to arrange oneself with the current balance of the game. A re-balancing from Ludia would cause a lot of re-balancing on our side too. This was, and still is, the case after they did this with cenezoics.
This is why I think, it is bad but I know it now and I know how to handle it.

I actually hope they add this guy to Jurassic World the game. It was the first jurassic game I played before I played Jurassic world alive, but I also hope they add the hybrids from Jurassic World the Game to JWA, like Yudon for an example, but then they’d need Troodon and Yutyrannus

I play JWA too (although I prefer JW the game), and I think that it has some good hybrid ideas . Monostegotops , Spinotasuchus and Indo gen 2 initially appeared in that game , so I think that more hybrid exchanges between the two games will happen in the future .
One of my personal favourite creatures in that game is this ;

In fact , I have already thought an improved version of Sarcorixis , that could be made by creatures that JW the game already has . It could be made by fusing Einiosaurus and Proterogyrinous. Einiogyrinus and Scaphostega

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I also prefer JW The Game.

I love Sarcorixis, he is one of my faves in JWA. Your suggestion is very good, perhaps another way he could be implemented is that he could potentially fill the void for a Super Hybrid Amphibian that has been discussed to counter Indoraptor.

Though he does share much similarities with Diplosuchus. That is the one reason I could see them not adding him.

@Tommi I don’t think I explained the previous content of this thread as well as I could of. I was more trying to refer to creatures that at this stage aren’t of much immediate help.

Allosaurus, Gallimimus, etc.

How folks thought they might be changed without a huge overhaul. A poor title and explanation I now realize to be sure. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Einiogyrinus does not share any similarities with Diplosuchus. Einiogyrinus cranium is totally different , as it hasn’t two big spikes but just one ceratopsian like frame . Also the body structure is different , with Einiogyrinus to have less armour, stronger tail and herbivore like limbs .

I was referring to Sarcrorixis being similar to Diplosuchus.

There is no way Sarcorixis to be added, because JW the game does not have Einiosuchus , the one hybrid parent of Sarcorixis. But as I said before , Einiogyrinus is made by dinosaurs that exist in the game and it is completely different from Diplosuchus. Also , it would be a massive counter for Indoraptor. That is why I think that Einiogyrinus is perfect for JW the game .

I don’t know if it would change a lot if they would become a little bit stronger or not. The best way to make them more valuable would be, in my opinion, make them a part of a new hybrid.


I don’t play JW:TG, I just like looking at other categories on this forum. Even though I wouldn’t experience her being in the game, I’d still love to see one of my favorite JWA creatures in JW:TG, Erlidominus.

She’s got a really neat design in my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

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