JWA Knack the Battle #1: Getting Started

So basically this is a game kinda thing I’m creating. I will be giving a battle situation in the arena every day and you guys should basically find a moveset to defeat the opponent. (Don’t worry, the opponent’s planned moveset will be revealed.)
Before I explain the thing any further, let’s get you started:
Choose your level:

  • Beginner
  • Friendly
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Advanced
  • Expert

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(New levels are added after you complete an entire level. Also, the level will be chosen according to the majority of votes.)
I’ll explain it in depth later, for now just gotta get you started first.

Well Situation 1 is coming tomorrow. It depends on which level you choose.

it prob going to be, how do u beat a tryko with an indom or something

Nah it depends upon the level you choose.

It could be (if you get lucky) defeat an apatosaurus with a gorgosuchus or something like that.