JWA Knack the Battle #2: Welcome to the Expert league

Well, so the majority of you voted for Expert. So here it goes. You’re starting out as a player in Lockwood Library. You’re just in the middle with around 4200 trophies. You are currently in a battle with a tough opponent. You have a team of Lvl 25 Monolometrodon, Lvl 30 Tryostonix, Lvl 24 Diloracheirus and Lvl 27 Indoraptor. Your opponent meanwhile has a team of Lvl 26 Stegodeus, Lvl 29 Allosinosaurus, Lvl 21 Erlidomimus and Lvl 22 Spinoconstrictor.
Your stats:
Monolometrodon (Knocked out)
Tryostonix (Currently using) - Health: 2905, Attack: 1701
Defense Shattering Strike
Ready to Crush (1)
Fierce Rampage
Refresh (3)
Diloracheirus - Health: 3945, Attack: 1360
Cunning Strike
Cunning Impact (1)
Lesser Group Heal (2)
Greater Emergency Heal (2)
Indoraptor (Knocked Out)

Opponent stats:
Stegodeus (Currently Using) - Health: 2500, Damage: 1100
Resilient Strike
Group Decelerating Impact (1)
Short Defense
Resilient Rampage (1)
Allosinosaurus (Knocked Out)
Erlidomimus - Health: 945, Attack: 1175
Minimal Speedup Strike
Rampage (1)
Distracting Impact (2)
Revenge Cloak
Spinoconstrictor - Health: 1000, Attack: 822
Precise Rampage (1)
Evasive Stance (3)
Instant Distraction (1)
Wounding Counter
On Escape Evasive Strike

Opponent’s planned moveset:
Resilient Strike (Tryostonix)
Resilient Rampage (Tryostonix K.O.)
Swap Out
Minimal Speedup Strike (Diloracheirus)
Erlidomimus K.O.
Distraction (Diloracheirus K.O.)
So now your work is to somehow lead your team to victory with your planned moveset.

Tryo - Fierce Rampage
Stegodeus - KOed
Opponent sends out erlindom
Erlindom - Minimal Speedup Strike
Tryo - 1730 HP
Tryo - Defense Shattering Strike
Erlindom - KOed
Tryo - RTC
Spinocon - Distraction
Tryo - 908 HP
Tryo - Fierce Rampage
Spinocon - KOed
If spinocon went for ID or sidestep
Spinocon - ID/Sidestep
Tryo - FR
Spinocon -KOed
This is because ferocious moves are broken, they add the ferocious buff after being distracted, this means that if something with 1k damage uses a rtc buffed rampage while being instant distracted, with will still deal 1k damage. Since tryo has 1701 damage, it will easily kill spinocon even when double distracted because of the way ferocious moves work and because of tryos distraction resistance. If spinocon dodges, tryo will deal 1262 damage to it, killing it. If instead of Distraction turn one, spino uses any other move, the same move order still works


Lol who needs a team when your one dinosaur can KO the entire opposing team.


Situation 2’s out tomorrow. Don’t expect it to be hard just yet.