JWA Losing Players Fast

It would appear this game is losing players fast. Been playing regularly since July 4th and got to over 4,700 before the tournament start. However now I’m back to 4,400 with no wins in sight. I’ve had this happen a lot before but this time it’s not RNG result as I understand that way too well.

It seems all my opponents are at higher trophy levels than I am and some even bringing level 28 dinos to battle. It would appear there are no opponents lower than I or equal as the battle crowd is thinning. And that is pushing down those who were at much higher levels. After more than 4 months and spending several hundred dollars I’m beginning to doubt the long-term potential of this game and regret my investment.

I’ve reached level 20 so there is no other real goal but the arena and that seems fruitless right now.


Is the thread title an opinion or are there facts, figures, charts and pie graphs somewhere to confirm?

As far as reaching 20, I bet Ludia will increase the level cap to 30 soon.


I’ve fought loads of players with dinos 3 to 4 levels higher than my dinos. But I still beat them. tactics beat strength…edit and had to add I’ve spent in total about £30/£40

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Could it have something to do with the trophy reset? With all the horror stories I’ve been just collecting creature DNA and not battling since I hit aviary. I had a really good streak, but had a gut feeling that many were going to start climbing back up.

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I was in the ruins before the tournament I got bumped up to the Lockwood and got up to 4606.I played and got slapped right back to Lockwood I’ve just got back to aviary and it’s been tricky but not the impossible mission I’ve seen others talk about

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It has definitely been since reset.
Before reset i was about 47**,since reset between 45** and 4700 only just today reaching 4761.
The opponents i have faced since then have had a lot of uniques something i had rarely seen before reset.

Granted this is only galaxy users so its on a small piece of a bigger pie but it does back of the claims this player base has shrunk drastically.

60k users is no small loss, not when its half of its peak number.


I posted a picture of proof of a loss of 60k players during the last 16 weeks… awaiting approval.

0 bot filler all natural enemies lol.

just curious, can i see your team? i like to see twams for credentials when these posts come up.

Tactics may beat strength, but rng beats everything. Every game I’ve played for the last week has been decided by rng. You can be the most skillful player, you can predict every move your opponent’s ankyntrosaurus makes, and you’ll STILL lose because gorgosuchus comes in and takes you out with a crit you otherwise would have survived and won with. Or more often; the game comes down to whether you can hit their indom/indoraptor through a 50/50 dodge chance. Win or lose; it’s all down to chance.

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Yeah fair play if that’s the same over different devices that’s gotta be a worry for ludia

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Yeah as far as i know galaxies are the only ones who make this info easy to find… like i said its only a small piece of the bigger pie. But considering they just shrunk their whole ladder, the smaller ladder for a smaller player base thing kinda makes sense.

And just for comparison sakes… pogo added 200k users in the same period, while, our worlds chart looks like jwa. Meanwhile jurassic world the game lost close to 70k going from 150k to 80k.

Every game release is like that though. PoGo went from what, a record 65 million to something like 5 million in a year. It’s leveled out and the game is still quite popular. This game will never be as popular as PoGo but i don’t see it dying anytime soon.

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I hope you’re right I’d be gutted to see this game die a slow death

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If this game will survive, they for sure need to make something more out of it. In the end, just battle is boring. Many creative ideas in this forum.

Ive played you several times the last 2 days so I know exactly where you are as far as trophies and opponents. Im seeing people everyday with several level 26-29 creatures in EARLY aviary. Its rough but Ive managed to slowly gain ground tho its 3 steps forward 2 steps back

Level 26/29 in early aviary? I think that confirms it. I’m not playing again till after Monday :grinning:


I dont see it dying anytime soon either. I was simply providing proof the player base has shrunk as someone asked… outside of the current common spawns, im pretty happy with 1.5.

But most games also get a resurgence right after a major patch… i can look at the last 4 weeks only and see the same decline happening even during the patch week.

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No disrespect, but how were you only 4400-4700 with those levels?
Until today I was holding 4400 with lvl 20&21 only dinos