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JWA Lost Accounts

I just wanted to let Ludia know (as if they even care) that I lost my account two days ago. They’ve done nothing for me since as customer service does not help us if we cannot get a service code from the game, but my game doesn’t even load. Customer service could care less and Ludia doesn’t even check over the complaints. I loved this game since the beginning but now I’m gonna let it all out. This game is terrible especially after this I’ve lost all hope for Ludia. Ludia never fixes any bugs that we really need fixed. Never balances the pvp. Can’t even get certain strike events sometimes. I put so much time, money, love, and effort into this game and I lost my account and am genuinely crying over it right now and Ludia does not care at all, not even a little. Thank you so much for robbing me all these years Ludia. I hope your happy

Hello there Joseph_Marrero1. I’m quite sorry to hear that. Can you confirm that you already emailed our team at for help? Have you already received a reply from them? It can take a few business days sometimes for our team to see your message (depending on ticket volume).