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JWA merchandise

I still remember when I got my first JW The Game figure, it was a Hasbro level 40 Spinosaurus at a mall.

I can understand why they stopped doing this as the Hasbro quality was not very good for creating dinosaurs, I still have my Velociraptor without curved claws on the legs.

Well, as I was telling you now, Mattel is the one who has the rights to manufacture the dinosaur figures so taking advantage of this to promote JWA makes me a good idea, obviously I don’t ask to make figures of all the dinosaurs, only the best designs could be the ones chosen, such as Erlidominus, Thoradolosaur, Quetzorion, Magnapyritor, etc, they could even be Dino Rivals-type figures with movements and all that.

But as I always say I like to listen to the opinions of others.


I’d be happy with t shirts and baseball caps. That sort of thing.