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JWA MEX reclutando clan 4/4//JWA MEX recruiting clan 4/4

Buscamos gente muy activa. Todas las semanas logramos incubadoras 4/4 y estamos cerca de lograr la incubadora 5 de exploracion por eso buscamos gente muy activa.

2500 copas minimo
Lanzar 150/200 dardos al dia.
Ser buen donador
Hablar español para comunicarnos.
Quien quiera unirse que diga su nick y actividad diaria.
Hay pocos huecos disponibles. Ahora estamos full pero haremos sitio enseguida sobretodo si eres activo.
Juntos conseguiremos 5/5 pronto. Unios😉

Translated from Spanish

We are looking for very active people. Every week we achieve 4/4 incubators and we are close to achieving the exploration incubator 5 so we are looking for very active people.

2500 cups minimum
Throw 150/200 darts a day.
Be a good donor
Speak Spanish to communicate.
Who wants to join that says your nick and daily activity.
There are few holes available. Now we are full but we will make site immediately above all if you are active.
Together we will get 5/5 soon. Unites😉

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