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JWA Minus - Tyrannosaurus Rex!

In such a short time, welcome back to JWA Minus, where every dino is overpowered!

This time, we have the most popular dinosaur ever (seriously. If you heard of anything else before this one you deserve a cookie) Tyrannosaurus!

Faster, stronger, bulkier, and as critical as ever!

Fierce strike changes to minus fierce strike, targeting everyone and bleeding them for 3 turns!

Minus ferocious shattering rampage to boost that attack and the next one… did I forget to mention this goes through shields and armor? After it warms up, you can spam it.

Death. Cleanse. NULLIFY EVERYTHING. Stun 100% chance, even bypassing stun immunity… Bleed 300% for 8 turns… and finally, attack times 3.

And some resistances to complete. And base no escape.


Jeez BURN IT please.

looks good! Ludia, can we add it to game? would def fit in with my team :wink:

But y thow