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JWA Minus - Velocriaptor!

Welcome all to another episode of Brawl- I mean JWA Minus! Where every creature is OP! First up, the fan-favorite common, velociraptor!

Improved to be stronger, tankier, and as unwilling to die as ever!

Pounce has always been a favorite move, but it always had that annoying cooldown that just makes you want to pounce and swap.

Well, no more! Now pounce is instant and has no cooldown! Pretty fun, huh?

Velociraptor’s boring old strike was changed to boosting immunity strike, granting, if in a raid, its team invincibility and a 50% speed increase, as well as distracting every opponent for 300% and attacking.

With swap in distraction, you can safely swap in and begin the carnage!

Worried about bleeders? Bleed immunity, baby!

Worried about being locked down? Swap prevention immunity!

Worried about swap ins? With On escape minus, a combination of on escape rampage and no escape, that would be a lesser problem, not to mention stun immunity.

To complete, velociraptor gains 3000 health, 1700 attack, 10% armor, and 30% crit chance!

Now get out there and cause chaos!


Velociraptor might be worth using again

why am i wasting this dna on indom, i need to get my gold out pronto