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JWA new years resolutions?


It is no secret that I am not a fan of the hybrid aspect of the game. I feel that there are too many hybrids and that they dominate the Arena far too much. So, in 2019 I have decided to put my money where my mouth is. Starting now, I will only use actual prehistorical dinosaurs and those hybrids (Indominus and Indoraptor) that appear in the film series on my team. I know this means that I’ll probably drop out of the Sorna Marshes and never rise again but I’ll at least feel like I’m playing correctly as I want to.

Does anyone else have a JWA based resolutions for 2019?


Create all uniques and have my indo at lvl 30!


Obviously to be the very best…like noone ever was!


Mine is the same as yours.
If I’m gonna drop the arenas, its gonna be of my doing!
I also want to keep my talking to a minimum in my alliance!
I might have to switch my team back at some point.
We will see…

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Honestly i like hybrids, but i wouldnt mind seeing more regular creatures viable in higher arenas.


As a concept they are a good idea. It’s just the number of them and how much better they are over regular dinosaurs.

I came here to play dinosaurs and everyone else came to just play a game it seems.

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Exactly, i feel like they ignore many cool creatures like carcharodontosaurus and many other cool creatures.
Also the fact that regular creature are clearly underpowered compared to Hybrid (which Is kinda right, but at higher levels regular creatures are almost useless).
Also, last thing, i don’t like how there are creatures with 2-3 Hybrids and others with 0.

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Continue to not spend anything on the game.