JWA No Longer Free to Play?

I think @Marcusaurelius66 raised a very good question:

What do you think? Will the Jurassic Pass and the Premium-exclusive boost refund tokens mark the end of JWA as a FTP game?

While I respect that paying players are entitled to more boosts, I strongly believe that boost resets should be universal.

The first teaser this past January did say tokens would be distributed in special events only, but never was it stated that they would be mainly P2W. I hope there will be a lot more as free rewards in future events. Otherwise there is no way FTP players can keep up – more dramatically, they cannot play the game.

I also find it problematic that anyone can purchase the full Pass regardless of player level. This means that there are now strong Uniques and Legendaries in all arenas right from the start. The contents should be limited to level, but sadly I can see why they are not.

As a free player since launch, I truly hope they will change the direction the game is going. Or do we just have to accept it is no longer for everyone?


Also: How is this sustainable?


Honestly considering how much boost do cost I’m ok with that they’re in the pass

True. On the flipside, those who only grind have less boosts on hand. Those also need boost resets the most.

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JWA stopped being F2P as soon as Boosts were introduced. The game has been slowly getting worse ever since.

Boost Reset Tokens were never meant to create a “more sustainable Boost system”, that’s just your typical marketing buzz words. The real reason they were created was to monetize the Boost Resets. With Ludia giving the Boost Resets for free, people were spending less on Boosts since they could redistribute them freely. No people spending money during Boost Resets? Gotta monetize that somehow.


It never has been f2p, but at the same time it still is as f2p as it was 3 years ago.

Nothing has changed, except for the fact that you never cared before for the items they sold in their shop and influenced end-game pretty badly. What has changed, IMO, is that people who didn’t care for end game, now seem to care for the pretty skins on the pass. Simply that :sweat_smile:

But the game has always been heavy pay to win if you ever cared or were competitive.
And that’s why it is still “as f2p as it was before”, since you can compete in top arena not having spent a dime on the game in 3 years. It’s fine, you have your outdated Apexes and uniques that, with a lot of ability, can keep you performing just fine in top arenas. Ofc, you’ll never be able to reach top 20-50? But if you care about the pass, you probably don’t care about that. I hope this makes my reasoning make sense :smile: .

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I bought the grand premium pass. Mainly cause i needed the attack reset token. If 1 of each was available in the free pass with extra in the paids, i think it would be mich more sustainable.

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I do like your carefree realist approach. :smile_cat: It is just difficult to feel that way when you’re denied any chance to make progress the way you once did. Of course, the lack of boost resets isn’t the core issue here but the meta changing too much, too fast.


You’re obviously right. The game ceased to be truly free to play at that point at the latest, although with boost resets every now and then PvP remained at least fairly FTP-friendly. Yeah, refund tokens were nothing but a deliberate business move. That was apparent all along. I’m still trying to stay hopeful they would realize this was not the best decision, but as always, it looks like things are going right as they intended.


This is how I think it should be. Everybody gets a little, those who pay get more, and the company gets their profit. Sounds sustainable to me!

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I think this is it, really. This game has been getting progressively more P2W for a long time now. Pokemon Go, a game that was marred by a barrage of 1-star reviews at launch thanks to all the connection issues, has a higher ranking in the Play store when compared to JWA.

I could be wrong, but I think a lot of FTP players are leaving the game, which makes it increasingly harder to keep up with the ones that are still here. Even the arena seems very strange lately - I can be fighting a team of level 27 uniques in Library one moment, then a team of level 29-30 apexes the next.


Yeah but how can you expect a company to give for free what you just dropped 20/40 bucks on.

As far as Ludia is concerned you spoke loudest with your wallet by buying the premium pass but then came on the forum and stated the reason for the purchase was the attack boost reset.

Not judging but Ludia has zero motivation to give more away when it was the driving factor in a 20 dollar purchase.

At this point they are probably wondering if 20 was to cheap.

Now the real issue isn’t boosts or boost reset tokens. It’s entirely on Ludia in their way of balancing for monetization that’s the problem. If things weren’t made op then nerfed out of the meta none of this would be that big of an issue.

If Ludia wasn’t so concerned on pushing Dino’s out of the meta it wouldn’t matter if you had boosts on an older dino.

But through balancing Ludia creates this whole boost reset problem themselves and then offers to sell the solution.


This is really a pay to progress faster game. As far as pay to win, winning is in the eye of the beholder as far as what winning is. At what point would a person say that they finally won the game? At the end of each month, of the thousands of players who play, there is only one top winner. There is only one person that can say they won and beat everyone.

Except for the extreme top players, most everyone wins about 50% of matches. I’ve won in the aspect that I have every creature in the game as of this point, till they add some more.

This game has no end. It ends when you either grow bored of it or burn out… or rage quit. Whatever.

The psychology with pushing players to boost their top creatures is very strong. I’ve resisted. Boosting and moving up to Library to plateau there rather than where I am in upper Avairy doesn’t do anything for me. I would just have a higher spot in the pecking order and continue my 50/50 win/lose rate with different scenery and the same frustration.

I get crapped on by higher leveled, higher boosted teams and knocked down 100 or so trophy’s to turn around and crap on some lower teams and gain the trophy’s back. It’s a never ending cycle. Play is very seldom a win, lose, win, lose. I lose 3 or 4 times in a row and then win 3 or 4 times in a row. It makes me want to boost, but I take my beatings and then turn around and beat on some lower teams to climb back up.

So I find, I’m not playing for trophy’s. I’m playing to win incubators. Trophy’s don’t matter. I’m plateaued anyway so there isn’t any other reason to play but to win incubators. I get incubators easier when my trophy count is down than up where I have to suffer level 28-30 highly boosted teams beating me down to where I can win incubators.

So logically if wining is getting incubators, I should drop trophy’s so I can get more incubators faster. Why suffer these OP high level teams? Maybe I should do this.


I did it for the giganyx dna, compared to the amount of randomized unique dna you get in their regular offers, 40 bucks seemed like a bargain to me.

The writing is on the wall. At some point, boosts and boost tokens will only be available in the store. Give it time.

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If they sell tokens to remove boosts, I assume it will cost the same as buying the amount of boosts you would lose by removing them without tokens. If this day comes where tokens are sold, do the math. If your willing to spend money on tokens, it might be a better deal to use it for buying more boosts and leaving the boosts on your old creatures.

I would write a comment but you’ve just written exactly what I would write.