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JWA No Longer Works

Long time player here, I wanna say been playing for about a year and a half to two years now. Developed a pretty sturdy team with Trykosaurus, Erlidominus, and other Low Tyrant beasts. However, the issue I’ve come across is that JWA basically no longer works anymore. I am 100% incapable of battling likely due to an outdated device. Battles are constantly saying “Match has timed out”, I haven’t been able to battle in a couple months now. My Frame-rate drops to around 2 FPS, and the app as a whole just freezes every around 30 seconds. The device I use is an Alcatel Fierce 30. Really old, not bound to last.

I have another device I can play JWA on, but the problem is that my main account on my Alcatel is a guest account. I attempted to link that account to Facebook, however instead of linking the account, it just created a new, separate account. I have (unfortunately) spent quite a lot of money on in app purchases in this game, and I cannot stand to have that progress just become worthless. If I delete JWA, all my data will be lost. I need to know if there is any potential hope in linking my progress to an account that can be used on my other device (Apple iPad). Any recommendations on what I should do? Send emails anywhere to anyone?

I would email support and explain the issue. You will need to create another account on that other device and they can move your main account to that device with both support keys. It’ll take a couple of days to get done, but once it is your main account will be on the new device and you can link it to Facebook from there if you so choose.


Thank you for the response, at least I have some hope that not everything of mine will be gone

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