JWA Off-Topic Thread

I think the toolbox creators are just busy

Does it cost the same to skip a level at all levels?

What do you mean?


Idk maybe no

There’s actually only one developer working on Paleo.gg (the site holding JWA toolbox as well as toolboxes for several other games). Raid simulator is planned and will eventually be released, but isn’t prioritized due to not many people using the battle simulator compared to the other tools.

If you or anyone else wants to know about what features are planned for Paleo.gg, the developer has recently opened an online feedback page, where you can request new features, report bugs and issues within the toolbox, and see what’s being worked on, planned, or researched.

This can be accessed by:

1: Go to the top of the screen and find the word “Games”. Click on it to bring you to Paleo.gg’s home page.

2: Scroll to the bottom of the screen and look for “Feedback”. Clicking this will send you to Paleo.gg’s feedback page. Remember to create an account if you want to vote on new features and create your own posts.

Just thought I’d share all of this to keep you toolbox users up to date with the latest stuff, since I know many people choose not to use Discord and can’t access Paleo.gg’s Discord server.


I use battle sim for testing some custom creatures

in jwa tolbox what does nan stand for?

Idk maybe non existent

Sooo this thread we can just talk about anything jwa?

Yep exactly like furys thread

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It’s datamined so delete this and nope it’s not in game

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And there’s another one, but…


  • What do u think about my team?

  • Should I put Rexy on my team?

  • What should I work on next? I’m currently working on indo g2 and draco-rat

  • What creature is good for PVP in my lvl?

  • Is Giganyx OP?

  • What’s the best Bleeder and Distractor?

  • Who’s your favorite JWA Mega hybrid?

  • Is Alloraptor actually Good for PVP?

  • What creature should be Nerfed now?

  • Like @Altithorax_Perotorum said who do u think needs a buff next Erlidom or Tryko?

1.maybe yes
2.Thor or Testa
5.Suchotator i guess
6.either Albertospinos or Troodoboa
7.only with boosts
8.Andrewtops cuz counter

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Even if you choose not to use it, I highly suggest leveling it up for raids, it’s easily the best legendary raid creature and can beat some bosses simply by using four of them.

Depends on if you want a meta team or if you want a team that you like to use. With the state of the meta being as bad as it is, I recommend trying to get a team that you’ll stick with for a while, as catching up to the meta as a F2P player is very difficult.

Rexy seems to be doing amazing in midgame arenas at the moment. Indotaurus is very helpful for fighting off overleveled Thors. Troodoboa can counter a very wide range of opponents, especially flocks. Pretty much any unique in elite mid or higher will prove pretty useful midgame.

No actually. Giganyx by the looks of it is just a slightly better Tryostronix. It gets ruined by flocks, can’t deal with priority damage, and unlike Tryostronix, has no distract resistance whatsoever. Swapping into it against foes with stun or pin resistance is a very bad idea, which forces you not to be able to swap to it due to how many uniques have those resistances.

Refrenantem and Hydra Boa easily, with Scorpios Rex Gen 3 in 3rd

Troodoboa, it’s my 2nd favorite creature in the game. Albertospinos isn’t too far off, however.

Not at all. Every Alloraptor I’ve seen, I just attack it once then swap to Parasauthops or Albertocevia, and it dies. Alloraptor also struggles greatly with priority damage, which has been increasingly popular recently. Also flocks usually kill it.

Albertocevia and Imperatosuchus, they’re the 2 best creatures in the game and have an extremely small amount of counters. I think Albertocevia only has 2 100% counters in an unboosted scenario.

I personally think Erlidominus needs the buff more. Erlidom is overall worse than Tryko and has been struggling even in midgame.


I have some questions
1.is Ardentismaxima still used in raids?
2.who is ur least favorite JWA creature?
3.is Procerath/Gorgo still good in Epic raids?
4.how do i get more tarbo dna?
5.whats the best creature that can rend?
6.which Superhybrids needs a buff?
7.what commons are good for Epic/Rare raids?
8.whats the hardest Rare,Epic And Legendary raids?
9.whats the easiest Legendary Raid
10.is TenRex still good in raids?
11.Should ludia make every creature non exclusive?
12.who do u think is likely to get a hybrid next update?

  1. Ardentis is still used for raids
  2. My least favorite creature in jwa is ovilophomoloch
  3. Not sure
  4. Don’t know exept to wait till tarbosaurus is featured in events or requests it in your alliance
  5. Indotaurus and andrewsarchus
  6. Giganyx and some of the older s hybrids
  7. Apato and maybe archaeotherium since these are the only commons with group abilities
  8. Megalonyx and rinchicyon
  9. Glyptoceras is the easiest in my opinion
  10. Depends on the health of tenontorex and you might need a second group healer
  11. I think exclusive creatures should at least be winnable in incubators
  12. Maybe therizinosaurus since he is the only dominion dinosaur who hasn’t gotten a update. Other creatures that should get one in my opinion are dimodactylus, dodocevia, andrewtherium and erlikogamma
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I said how do i get more tarbo DNA on 4th one and superhybrids on 6th one