JWA Off-Topic Thread

I have conquest thor (haven’t got a name yet feel free to suggest a name for my thor) and tauro (indot)

Aka 2 uniques

So do I
Except instead of Indotaurus I have Indoraptor

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I run these too

Like this post if u think Imperatosuchus deserves to be nerfed


What I am thinking rn :hamburger: :baguette_bread: :flatbread: :bread: :cut_of_meat:

Also does anyone else not have struthiomjmus

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I dont but sancs help

Ik this is not jwa related but some pictures of me playing roblox dinosaur world mobile

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Also does anyone else play roblox?

i do and i play that dino game


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thats an ouch


@Albertoplays111 in Roblox!

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Remove indoraptor

What do you think about my team?

• What’s good for level 11?
•What creatures should I go for? I’m currently on the 2.15 hybrids
• What creatures are good in tournaments?
• Should I remove some creatures from my team?

@practicekat I see you are doing JW Primal Ops already on its worldwide release.

I was wondering if you and IDGT could try JWTG ? Its a pretty fun game as its park building

Yes that would be amazing
I love JWTG and it’s super fun
Also I’m anxiously waiting for let’s play style videos similar to TheGamingBeaver’s style of videos from you and IDGT

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See your collection ?

What’s your dinodex

Indoraptor got a buff