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JWA on tablet

I’m looking for a compatible (and reasonably priced) tablet to play JWA on. Do any of you use one? If so, what kind?

I play the same account on both my phone and Samsung tab A 10.1 2019 edition. The graphics and battles still look great, if not better in the tablet imo, perhaps because the dinos appear bigger and you can see more details on the bigger screen :grinning:
Not too sure abt the tablet pricing, but this model is definitely not under top of the line category.

iPad mini 4
Darting is the bomb.
They have with or without cellular, mine is with. $200 on Amazon

I play on an iPad Air when I am home. Easy darting and it GPS drifts more than my phone so I can hit up the towers and drops just outside my range.

and can we play landscape orientation?