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JWA Paleontology Recruiting

JWA Paleontology Is Recruiting

JWA Paleontology offers amazing rewards with little activity requirements! In fact we are one of the largest sustainable alliances that doesn’t in force any player activity. Here’s some more info on JWA Paleontology:

Basic Info:

  • Alliance Name: JWA Paleontology

  • MINMI’s In-Game Name: MINMI#7259

Extra Info:

  • We offer a passionate, active, cooperative community of alliance members that strive to do good for the alliance.

  • We offer an amazing raid environment which allows for anyone who wants to do a raid to do a raid.

  • We offer excellent alliance cooperation & sharing, so we all love to complete resource requests.

  • We offer a alliance discord server which is optional however recommended.


  • Be friendly with your alliance members.

  • Try to log on every 2 weeks however more often is definitely welcome :wink:

  • Try to participate it leased one battle a month.

  • Have 500+ Trophies

And that’s it! Interested in joining please PM me via the forums or message me on discord. Excited to see you!


wait wasnt there that rule that u have to do pvp at least once a month

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can you please accept my request


We are still recruiting :grin:

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We have just started an dedicated alliance discord server. This means we can have improved communication within the alliance. If this new inclusion to JWA Paleontology intrigues you please message me on discord. MINMI#4136

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With a recent amount of players who have left the alliance we have 9 available slots in our alliance right now! If interested please jump on in or PM me if confused or have any questions! Hope to see you soon :smiley:

(Alliance name is… JWA Paleontology)

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how many places do you have and what is your avg sanctuary level

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and also alliance reward rank

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We have 2 Co-op sanctuary’s going right now.

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We average 7/8 however due to it being a holiday last week we got lower than 7/8.

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Are you still looking for alliance members?

We are always looking for new members :smiley:


We are now happy to announce that we have one LvL 20 sanctuary active. We are also having tremendous amounts of active users in our alliance for the past 2 weeks. If this were to interest you be sure to contact MINMI#4136 via discord.

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Now offering 3 LvL 20 sanctuary’s.

(Keep in mind while the fourth LvL 20 sanctuary is technically in our alliance. However it will not be operational past the 16th)

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A very sweet leader with a friendly and active team that will benefit new players.

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so this was the tactic LOL

JWA Paleontology is seeking ONE new member!

We are looking for:

  • Tournament Ready Player

  • Passionate & Active Player

  • Available On Discord

If you meet these requirements be sure to contact me via discord. My discord name is… MINMI#4136 :slightly_smiling_face:

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We reached rank 9 this week! If you are interested in helping JWA Paleontology reach rank 10 contact MINMI#4136 on discord :grin:

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im from the alliance server :slight_smile:


You are a valued member :grin: