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JWA Paleontology Recruiting

Calling all new players!

Are you looking to progress faster through the game? Well look no further JWA Paleontology might be the alliance for you :grin:

We are seeking ONE beginner player. What qualifies you? Here is what would qualify you as beginner player:

  1. 1500 or less trophies

  2. No Legendary, Unique, or Apex creatures

  3. Has started rather recently… like within 1-4 weeks

Now you might be saying to yourself right now… “I qualify but why would I want to join your alliance @MINMI,” well here’s why! We would be offering up the following benefits:

  1. Three Level 20 sanctuary’s

  2. Extremely Good Rewards

  3. Active Dinosaur Donating Members

  4. Powerful members that can help you in a abundance of raids

If any of this sounds intriguing to you please contact me on discord (MINMI#4136) or on the forums via PM. But remember, please don’t wait! Room won’t last.

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Hey i wanna join

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Im dinoboy123 from discord

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Hello pewi101, im dinoboy123 from discord

JWA-Paleontology just reached the rank 10 milestone, and on track to reach rank 8 for alliance championships. If these statistics intrigue you be sure to contact me via discord (MINMI#4136)


i made a welcome banner with the help of @MINMI


Hey everyone!

We are currently looking for ONE new member, but this post is more than just that. If you are looking for any help with raids join our discord server, we can help you with and raid (even apex)

Some come join us, hope to see many of you there :wink:

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Recruiting for Jurassic World Alive Paleontology!

Hello There! Are you looking for an active, friendly clan with great members will to help in raids? Then come join us in Jurassic World Alive Paleontology!

We can usually raid all raids unique and below, with most of the day being available for us to raid. We have a very active discord that loves to help people out! We are starting to get level 8-10 on the alliance missions, and are going to hit level 7, possibly 8 in the tournament!

The requirements are:

  1. Don’t be toxic.
  2. Try to do the 10 takedowns in the tournaments.
  3. After the trophies reset, battle once so that we know you are active.
  4. Discord isn’t required, but extremely helpful!

If you want to join, PM me either in the forums or in Discord. I am Cheeseking 7496 #5104 or the leader, Minmi #4136. There we can discuss more about JWA Paleontology. Come join us!


May I join your Alliance, I am level 20 in game


depends, will you do the 10 battles?

(1o characters)

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okay, then contact minmi.

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I think he already joined the alliance :laughing:


JWA Paleontology is seeking 1 member to join the group! We require tourney ready, and non-toxic players, if you fall into this category be sure to contact me via discord. My discord is MINMI#4136.

If you don’t meet the criteria you are welcome to join a few alliances I work with. Just to name a few @StinkyPanda (NorthernRapters), @Pradyun_Gaddam (Veggiesaurs), @CloudSerpent/@Mscchina8 (The Fangs of China), and so many more! Interested in joining these alliances contact me via discord (MINMI#4136) and I can direct you too them.

Hope these incredible alliances interest you, have a great day :slightly_smiling_face:


If uninterested in joining my alliance, or if you don’t qualify make sure to contact @MajungOverlord. He runs a fun, non-toxic alliance, with an active discord server. Contact Majung Overlord#1789 on discord for more info.


Banner Made By @PEWIE101PLAYS

The Jurassic World Alive Paleontology Alliance Is Recruiting

We are seeking one new non-toxic, friendly member to join. The JWA Paleontology alliance is a group of beginner to veteran players, that all love the game, love dinosaurs, and generally love the team. Team spirit is our strong suit, when we set a goal we won’t stop till we reach such goal. However besides the incredible player base here are some perks you would receive when joining the alliance.

What We Offer/Perks :

  1. Rank 10/8 Alliance Mission Rewards

  2. Rank 9 Alliance Championship Rewards (on 5 week championships)

  3. Raid team capable of beating ALL raids. Including Apex.

  4. Generous Donators, We will try to donate as much as possible when they can. We believe in player improvement, we will always try our best to improve your Jurassic World Alive gameplay when we can.

  5. Several High Level Sanctuary’s

Requirements To Join :

  1. MOST IMPORTANT, not toxic. We do not tolerate any toxic behavior from our members. May that be from in discord chats, emote spamming, trolling, etc. None will be tolerated.

  2. Do ten takedowns, we don’t have many rules regarding player participation. However we enforce this rule as the bare minimum of participation.

  3. Uses discord. We use discord as our only way of communication so it’s key.

  4. Be a good teammate! What does this mean… it means the following: Be willing to communicate with others in the alliance, Donate when you can, Respect your members.

If this alliance appeals to you and you meet the requirements feel free to contact me on discord (MINMI#4136), I can give further info on joining there. Thank you for your time and hope to see you in the alliance!


Can I join again?

Still seeking members. DM me on discord to join, my discord name is MINMI#4136

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JWA Paleontology Is Seeking 2 New Members!!

JWA Paleontology is seeking 2 new members. If you have any interest or questions be sure to let me know on discord (MINMI#4136)

Here is a brief summary of the alliance :

Rank 8 Alliance Championship Rewards

Rank 10/8 or Rank 9/8 Alliance Mission Rewards

Generous Donators, We Will Max Your Epic Dna Requests

Active Raiding Squad with 80+ Powerful Members Willing To Help

Generally Friendly & Non-Toxic Community

Requirements :

We don’t require much from our teammates. The alliance is based upon goals for members and the team instead of firm rules for members. That’s why we only require ten takedowns weekly.

Final Note :

Our spaces never last long so if you have any interest please let me know on discord as soon as possible. Excited to see your DMs, and once again it’s MINMI#4136 on discord.

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Is Discord required? Otherwise, I would l love to join your alliance. I am a player level 10, my best dino is dracoceratops lvl 18