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JWA Paleontology Recruiting

We are sadly only taking recruits who use discord unfortunately

Oh, there are no exceptions?

Some members do not use discord however new recruits are however require. It is just extremely helpful for communication and give important announcements.

Since I cannot get discord per my parent’s divorce order, could you either make an exception or recommend some alliances which do not need discord. I get my 10 tourney takedowns, am willing to raid, donate when I can, and am not toxic.

Possibly. We can continue to discuss requirement in Private Messages @Someone2.0, do you know how to access them?

Just sent you one.

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i uh i want to join

Banner Made By @Cheeseeater

The Jurassic World Alive Paleontology Alliance Is Recruiting

We are seeking one new non-toxic, friendly member to join. The JWA Paleontology alliance is a group of beginner to veteran players, that all love the game, love dinosaurs, and generally love the team. Team spirit is our strong suit, when we set a goal we won’t stop till we reach such goal. However besides the incredible player base here are some perks you would receive when joining the alliance.

What We Offer/Perks :

  1. Rank 10/8 Alliance Mission Rewards

  2. Rank 8 Alliance Championship Rewards

  3. Raid team capable of beating ALL raids. Including Apex.

  4. Generous Donators, We will try to donate as much as possible when they can. We believe in player improvement, we will always try our best to improve your Jurassic World Alive gameplay when we can.

  5. Fun & generally awesome community! It’s plain and simple we love to chat, our discord is always full of fun new fresh conversations so when your not playing JWA you can have a laugh with us.

Requirements To Join :

  1. MOST IMPORTANT, not toxic. We do not tolerate any toxic behavior from our members. May that be from in discord chats, emote spamming, trolling, etc. None will be tolerated.

  2. Do ten takedowns, we don’t have many rules regarding player participation. However we enforce this rule as the bare minimum of participation.

  3. Uses discord. We use discord as our only way of communication so it’s key.

  4. Be a good teammate! What does this mean… it means the following: Be willing to communicate with others in the alliance, Donate when you can, Respect your members.

If this alliance appeals to you and you meet the requirements feel free to contact me on discord (MINMI#4136), I can give further info on joining there. Thank you for your time and hope to see you in the alliance!

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I would love to join minmi but I just can leave my current alliance

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Sorry can’t*

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I’m interested, I sent a friend request on Discord (my name there is BigTree) to discuss further!

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Jurassic World Alive Paleontology Is Seeking One Member!!!


We are offer the following rewards :

  1. Rank 10/8 alliance mission rewards

  2. Rank 9 alliance championship rewards (on 5 week championships)

  3. Very passionate, dedicated, friendly, talkative community (discord oriented)

  4. An active raiding team, capable of beating every boss in the game. Including Apexs :upside_down_face:

  5. Private non-toxic discord server for communication & raid purposes

  6. Top 100 alliance, making our way into the top 50 (:

  7. Generous donators, will donate whenever possible to help there teammates

  8. Non-strict alliance. Most alliances of this magnitude have several rules. We don’t, we are driven by the player base trying to create fun challenging goals for ourselves and we try to reach those goals. Example: Try to reach 10/10 rank next week. This style of alliance leads to a happier stress free atmosphere

  9. Cash links! We offer cash links, and exclusive ahead of time in game announcements, these can improve your gameplay by adding 50 bucks on average to your account daily


To apply, DM me. My discord is MINMI#4136, hope to see you there :wink: