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JWA Paleontology Recruiting

MINMI, why did you leave JWA Paleontology if you were leader

That was for Co Op Sanctuaries

I friend requested you on discord. We can discuss further your application there.

Jurassic World Alive Paleontology Is Seeking One Member!!!


We are offer the following rewards :

  1. Rank 10/8 alliance mission rewards

  2. Rank 9 alliance championship rewards ( on 5 week championships )

  3. Very passionate, dedicated, friendly, talkative community (discord oriented)

  4. An active raiding team, capable of beating every boss in the game. Including Apexs :upside_down_face:

  5. Private non-toxic discord server for communication & raid purposes

  6. Top 250 alliance, making our way into the top 100 (:

  7. Generous donators, will donate whenever possible to help there teammates

  8. Non-strict alliance. I and my alliance teammates understand you have a life outside of JWA and that’s before fine. All we request is ten takedowns weekly and that it, I will always reward bonus participation however.


Requirements To Join :

  1. Never Toxic

  2. Can do ten takedown every tournament

  3. 3000+ Trophies. If active enough we can break this rule.


To apply, DM me. My discord is MINMI#4136, hope to see you there!

One more condition you have to call minmi, minmo lol jk

Currently not accepting new members. I will post here when applications are available.

JWA Paleontology has been rebranded to Goose Gang