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JWA Paleontology Recruiting

I will! Again, thank you so much! I will request to join as soon as I am free. BTW my player name is VineshJaguar and number is 7047.

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Yes, I saw. I just invited you.

Hi @MINMI . I clicked accept but it says that the alliance is full. Is this a glitch? I rejected and I am requesting to join again. I also friend requested you in case you can invite me in the alliance from there. Right now it is saying that request pending.

Do you have any spaces left in alliance?

Hi @MINMI! I am still not able to join the alliance. There is always a 50th member. Can you please kick someone out and invite me? I have been without an alliance for 2 weeks.

Please check private messages @vineshjaguar

Hello @Peter_Nolan, disappointingly no.

You are welcome to join our sister alliance, Goose Gang 2 if you need an alliance urgently.

You are also welcomed to wait for space to open up in Goose Gang 1. Just check back here to see when we are recruiting so you can get priority access to join when spots open up.

Hi @MINMI . Will I be able to join before the month ends?

I’ve already told you in DMs Jaguar. I am not sure at the moment, I had miscommunication with another admin and so we have no room currently for more teammates to join. I will let you know when we have more space to let you in.

Ok Thanks. @MINMI

is it still recruiting :flushed:

For everyone who wants to join the alliance, there is no room currently. However you are welcome to join our discord server and we can assist you in raids as well as chat with our members. We can beat rare-apexs raids.
(Please note, we are being generous to give you the opportunity to raid with us, begging for help with any apex will probably result in a ban from the server)

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Hi, Goose Gang is recruiting one new member!

We are a fun community based alliance who loves to talk and play JWA together. When you join, you’ll feel like part of the family here.

However, as much as our community aspects are wonderful. I do want to list a few perks/benefits in the form of rewards to joining the alliance.

  • Top 100 Alliance (8/9 For AC’s)

  • 9/9 Missions

  • Maxed Donations

  • Beats All Raids With Ease

However, we do have a few rules before joining the alliance. We don’t have many requirements once joined apart from ten takedowns and daily play. However here are a list of requirements before you apply to join:

  • 4.5K+ Trophies

  • 800+ Medals Average Per Tourney

That’s all. If you would like to join please contact me here on the forums or on discord (MINMI#1112) Thank you.


If you don’t meet the criteria, we offer a sister alliance, Goose Gang2! They are still apart of the community but have lower requirements and therefore lower rewards.

Contact me on discord to apply to Goose Gang2 (MINMI#1112) or contact @Jurassic_Fury on discord to apply (Fyurius#3620) Thank you.

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Hi @MINMI! Can I please join? I have been waiting. :grinning: