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Let’s start with JWA

Daily mission level: advanced

Need to online more than 1 hour minimum just to complete all the tasks.
The most tough part to complete is battle 12 times and also collect x amount of rare DNAS.

Darting dinos : near impossible (for majority players) to have perfect hits on rare and epic creatures. The good thing is we can always restart when not satisfied with the amount of DNAS Collected.

Battles: JWA Stands out on this area as there is few varieties for battles: arena, friendly challenge and tournament as well as daily strike towers.

Incubators: need to battles in order to get an incubator.
The good point is we don’t need to walk to ^hatch^ an egg from incubator.

Trade : Not available unless we trade among our alliance members

Pokemon Go

Daily mission level : SUPER EASY!

just need to complete ONE Field research and we can claim for the daily rewards.

Complete all 7 days mission in a row to collect weekly rewards(most of the times are legendary pokemon but recently they changed to EEVEE!!)

Catching pokemon
can be easy or frustrating sometimes when the pokemon flew away. However we can use berries to increase our chances for capturing pokemon.

PVP Is very awful and take longer time to complete when both players field their strongest pokemon.
If 2 players are distance away, the waiting time to initiate a PVP challenge can takes forever!

same like strike towers in JWA. Tier 1 to 4 can be soloed but to beat a tier 5 RAID BOSS you have to gather with a group of minimum 5 or 6 higher level players and beat it simultaneously.

And the worst part is, even you beat the tier 5 Raid, there is no guarantee to catch the pokemon. The chances for the pokemon to flee away are quite high!

Egg : obtain via spinning the pokestop or open up gift from friends. Need to walk 2km 5km or 10km to hatch the specific eggs.

Trade : only available when the distance between 2 players are very close to each other. I think this is a very stupid limitation.

HPWU ( Harry Potter Wizards Unite)

Daily mission level: Beginners
All the tasks can be completed within 10 minutes. Unless there is no INN Or Fortress within your vicinity area.
Capture confondable: easy to curse a spell and there is potion available to use to prevent it from fleeing.

There is also a SPECIAL mission but this part is a little bit tougher.

wizarding challenge only available in the Fortress. Level 1 to 10. Just need to complete one challenge each day to claims the daily rewards. Regardless of the level.

(same concept as Eggs in Pokemon Go)
Can be obtained anywhere and need to walk and unlocked respective potkeys (2, 5 and 10km)

Trade: Not available


Thank you for the analysis and breakdown. These are good things to consider for JWA players before choosing to switch to/pick up another game.

Much appreciated!


Nice write up, might wanna add rural playability in it as jwa is completely playable for a rural player while niantic games require one to travel to a non rural area as they are horrible for a rural player.


I like all 3 games, and I’m gonna rank them

  1. JWA. I’m hooked, even if it needs improvements…
  2. Wizards Unite. I like the idea and it’s fun.
  3. Pokemon Go. Yea it started it all but… I hate how hard it is to get good legendaries without raids. It’s so unfair! It’s gang up to win.

But one thing for certain is rare pokemon can be found quite often in rural area compare with urban cities.

And in pokemon go and HPWU they name all the pokestop or INN/Greenhouse/Fortress accordingly. While JWA DOESN’T.

All of the data are extracted from IMGRESS I believe but I don’t understand why JWA just couldn’t named it

The ideas of HPWU is great but kinda complicated for some players to understand their whole concept. Especially on the Books part.

Actually I like the ideas of Raiding together with a group of pokemon masters. In JWA . we are basically ONE MAN SHOW.

Legendary pokemon can be obtained from weekly field research rewards which are changing from time to time

One other thing that should be noted is that Ludia have no speed limit for their games. Niantic do, and as someone who uses public transport, it is VERY frustrating, and even interferes with the game when you’re on foot if it thinks you might still be in a vehicle.


Indeed. But we can catch pokemon while we travelling on transport but it is hard to aim and dart dinos when we are on the move.
It is also easy to spell a cast in HPWU

Has it changed then? Last time I played it on a bus, I’d tap on a 'mon and the screen would just keep lagging and lagging until it disappeared. Or they’d appear, then disappear before I could grab them.

I faced the exact problem before but it seldom happens now . Most probably it has been fixed in one of the updates

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Wait… So the speed limit in Pokémon was removed? You can play now while in a moving vehicle? That’s pretty much the reason I stopped in the first place.

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Same here! If the speed cap was removed I will be VERY happy, and so will the friend who used to drive us around as we played. Don’t worry, he only played when the car was stopped.

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Ingress started it all, PoGo was only the jump to the mass :wink:


Does anyone have experience with the Pokémon Go Customer Support? I never had to contact them, so curious to see if they are more responsive than JWA.

I played PoGo last community day and the speed cap is still there. I do not notice any difference in the speed cap from a year or more ago. You cannot spin while in a moving vehicle. Perhaps if it is going 5 or 8 MPH/KPM, but not at city speeds and certainly not highway. You get the “Try again later” message. Occasionally a creature will spawn and you can grab it if you are fast. These are when your GPS stalls for a few seconds before updating.

Moving, you can see stops and gyms, but can only click on gyms and see who/what is in there, not interact. It is certainly not a moving vehicle game.

EDIT: In stop and go city traffic, lots of lights, you can spin and throw balls. Same as it ever was. 25/30 MPH, no.


Yes we still could not spin pokestop while moving fast. But whenever you see a gym from afar with an empty slot. You still can click on the gym and insert your pokemon into that gym when you’re approaching it.

The main difference is we still can catch pokemon while travelling on public transport while it’s almost impossible to fire all direct hits at dinos in JWA

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I really don’t have an issue with JWA support. They may be slow during high volume tickets but they will respond and try to make things right.

Niantic customer support is horrible. If or when they do reply they usually give you some canned response or tell you nothing can be done. For instance, a few friends and I battled in a raid a couple years ago. After the raid the game glitched out for all but 2 in our group of 8. We never had the opportunity to try to catch the legendary. After weeks if back and forth with cs, I was told nothing could be done, even with screenshots, because I used a free raid pass. Waste of time. Wrote them about HPWU 5 weeks ago and still have never heard back. I quit both of their games and have no regrets.

Let’s face it, no customer service will ever be perfect, but Ludia does alright by me. I have nothing nice to say about Niantic so I will leave it at that…


I also have to give props to JWA customer support. Even though they were swamped after the 1.9 release, they responded the next day after I emailed them about the Indoraptor Gen 2 unlock cost error. I got my DNA back in a timely manner too.


Because Ludia doesnt generate any of the map interactibles in house… that is provided by google and while some are cherry picked by google many are randomize and change from time to time. These locations are all shared by all google map games like the walling dead.

In contrast Niantic created their stuff in house for ingress and simply used the same map for the other games.

And back then their was no google map platform not as an ar gaming platform that can be plugged into unity and having google constantly adding features that can be used in games… like the ability to have something chase you in game.

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Sounds to me about the same as Ludia Customer Support. I have had a horrible experience with them. Sure, they get some things okay, like tournament refunds, but they take a week to reply, and have also told me nothing can be done about wrong announcement losses, even with screenshots as well.

Thank you for the info. It sounds like Niantic is just as bad.

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