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Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Hopefully it gets fixed soon…

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Yeah I have nothing good to say about jwa customer support, it’s just awful. Haven’t gotten anything we have lost back, when buying stuff and contacting them with receipts we got nothing. Will probably ask for our money back if we stop playing completely at some point. We haven’t had to deal with niantic’s support, because we have never had any issues with the game since it actually works. Me and my family now play more pokemon go than jwa thanks to this and also we are not wasting any more money on this game, but we are using money on pokemon go.

I love that you can play jwa solo and don’t have to rely on other people to get strike towers done. One thing that is absolutely horrible about pokemon go is raiding and how you can’t get 5 star raids done without certain amount of people, so you have to rely on other players and if they don’t show up, then too bad. Pokemon go also has more accurate maps, parks are actually parks unlike in jwa where parks are for some reason not parks on map. It makes playing even more frustrating, when you want to go hunt for park dinos, but you can’t be sure if the park you are thinking of going to is actually marked as park in game. Most of the time they are not and if they are it’s one small spot. And we can’t think of any other parks near us, so we have given up on park dinos.

Adding something like raiding in jwa would be really horrible. We don’t know anybody else who plays, so we wouldn’t get anything done. Pokemon go has far more players and we have multiple friends who also play it.

Out of all 3 only JWA has survived the test of time for me. HP:WU I got bored of fairly quickly. PoGo; I gave it a jolly good go until I had to hang around on street corners with the nerd herd.
Jurassic World: Alive I’m still enjoying dinosaur hunting, and even enjoy the occasional more ‘evenly matched’ competitive battles when they come up.


What’s strange is I know 5 JWA local players, all play Pogo too. Compared to JWA Pokémon go is miles ahead community wise.


I play all 3 of the games, and here is my personal opinion about these games.

1.) HarryPotter:WizardsUnite
Really funny at begin, but then it’s getting quickly boring because you always have the same things you get
2.) Pokemon Go
Funny and interesting about the community features.
But if you don’t have a big community arround you, and you don’t live in a location with a lot of Stops (bad that they aren’t placed random) you can’t play PoGo like players in big Cities.
Actually a lot of players I know are getting striked or banned because they are using phones from Xiaomi and something else
3.) Jurassic World Alive

  • Yes, JWA has some bugs, but in the end, it is interesting for me and my husband since about 10 months now.
  • You can catch Dinos, and you always get DNA, sometimes only few, sometimes a lot.
  • Supply Drops are random, that’s why I can play while I’m walking outside (PoGo is dependent by stops created from other Players)
  • PvP and fighting is very interesting, with the lot of Skills the Dinos have.
  • Events are randomized, everybody has a really possible chance to find the Events/Dinos

In conclusion, that’s why my husband and me already prefered to play JWA.
With the strikes we now got in PoGo (because we are using Xiaomi Smartphones) we are near to deinstall PoGo and HP:WU

The Support of Ninatic is really really bad, you always get automatic messages, and that’s it.
Why should I support such a bad company like Niantic? Only because others are playing PoGo? :wink:


JWA has dinosaurs. All you need to know.


I am always seeing Epic while travelling on public transport. When i click on it while the bus keep moving. The dinos will disappear in a second. So I guess the speed limit is for all AR games

Yes in terms of gathering a group of community players . POKEMON GO is very successful

Just means you have a sluggish phone.

One more thing to add : Pogo and HPwu are both stree free as we don’t have to worry about unbalanced in battle arena

But do they have dinosaurs?

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The speed cap for PoGo spawns and nearby goes away if you are linked to a PoGo+. You can also spin stops at speeds above 20mph if you time it just right, opening and spinning while pushing the PoGo+ button. It just takes practice.

Unfortunately, JWA will never have the playerbase and longevity that PoGo has established. HPWU surged when it first released, but is shrinking fast.

I think they are all good games, but I enjoy pokemon slightly more than jwa and wizards. Primarily because other people in my area play it and I get to see buildings and structures that I can explore. I am also enjoying the Unova unveiling I love snivy.

PoGo got too unwieldy for me with the sheer amount of creatures you needed to maintain. At least JWA only gives you one of each.

PoGo has two wrist band jobbies that catch creatures and spin stops. The unofficial one is much better, it has an auto catch, auto spin feature… darn near like cheating.

HPWU lost my attention early on when I realized it was almost impossible to collect/harvest the plants I needed to grow. There was also the pointing your phone at objects in the real world, that could potentially cause some serious socially awkward interactions.


I’ve been playing PoGo for around 2 years and here is how it compares to JWA from my perspective:

  • Playing together with family - PoGo wins this by a mile. With my wife and two kids (plus one additional account) we are pretty independent to do most of raids which made us spend like half a day roaming around the city looking for raids. JWA is just meh… we are going for a walk from time to time catching dinos, but it’s not as fun as PoGo. Also JWA darting is much harder for kids comparing to catching a pokemon which makes them gravitate more towards that later.
  • Creature hoarding - for end game player collecting your creatures in PoGo turns into gathering tons of trash which you have to look through and throw away 99.9% of what you’ve collected. JWA model is much better since you have only one copy of a dino and you improve it slowly. Sure it requires much more grind to get dinos to higher level than compared to PoGo, but it’s not as tedious as milling down tons of mons to get some candies which you even can’t use for anything useful. On the other hand PoGo model is much better for new players since there is a chance that you’ll get an improvement just like that (like weather boosted wild spawn).
  • Combat - PoGo combat style is just boring. It lacks complexity and there is no motivation to do it. On the other hand MM in JWA makes combat a nightmare, so there is no definite winner - both games miss the golden mean pretty hard
  • Play on the move - PoGo punishes player for using any reasonable transportation. You can’t even ride a bike and hatch your eggs which was a case in classic pokemon. JWA is just awesome for a passenger… maybe not on highway/motorway/railway but any other road will do. On the other hand if riding under 30km/h you can catch a pokemon and catching a pokemon is pretty easy with one hand and doesn’t require looking… so even if it’s not smart nor reasonable it is doable for a driver. Still JWA is better and it’s fun on a bus/tram/car.
  • Rural play - JWA wins hard. Actually JWA wins even in a city since PoIs spawn near roads/sidewalks and rarely you get one far on a property where you can’t get. Plus JWA allows you to interact from long range for patial price which is often enough.

All in all… there is no winner. Both games are fun and it’s just a matter of preference. PoGo is better for those who like to play with other people, JWA is better for solo players.

And about HPWU - it’s terrible. the JWA monetization model is absurd but not so intrusive. One at HPWU is just ridiculous - anything you do in game cost you energy and there is ever so few points where you can get it that it’s just not fun to play that game since you hardly ever can do anything. So that one just can’t even start in this competition - it’s a game to install see how it looks for day or two and uninstall it to never go back.


Yes JWA Have more supply drops or towers compare with pogo especially in rural area. But what’s the point of having 36 or 24 attempts on featured dinos at green supply drops but we need to travel alots just to complete all the attempts?

Isn’t that the point of ar games? And I’m pretty sure pogo requires more traveling than jwa. Especially since you can access strikes and supply drops from afar or do pvp

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In pogo. Raids are everywhere. There is where we can beat it and captured the rare or even legendary pokemon.
What I meant is the number of green supply drops are very less and not close to each other

There are many occasions where my Gps stay static in the same location even I moved more than 2km away .
It happens in JWA and HPWU too.
But never before in Pokemon go.
I don’t think it’s my phone problem because when I using the other phone and in different locations. Still getting the same issue occasionally

Walking Dead Our World is another game like the 3 mentioned. You must work together with your group more than the other games. There’s a board system of tasks to complete.