JWA Power Creep – Slowley taking the power of previous alternatives – How stay motivated?

After some years of playing it becomes more and more obvious – The lack of having a balanced game!

The average JWA player have spend a ENORMOUS amount of time to reach a team of level 29-30 dinosaurs.

How much time have you given to this game?

The definition of Power Creep:

A certain flaw in game balance design, where content released later tends to get more powerful as time goes.

The changes described by Power Creep happen slowly and might not be noticed by the players for a while, until comparisons are maid, hence the "Creeping”

  • How to keep motivation, playing a game I never can relax in?

  • Why keep spending all this time, with hope having a nice team to enjoy?

  • Why do I feel stressed, when a game should be relaxing?


The point of any of these sort of mobile games is grinding. It’s meant to take a player ages to get to where they want to be.

Have you ever played a collectable card game like Pokemon or Magic the Gathering? They are an example built on that very principle. Older cards, while playable, are not up to the standard of the newer ones released. That’s not power creep. That’s how a company keeps it’s customers interested and continuing to play. In the same fashion, those CCG’s rebalance, buff and nerf cards in frequent updates as well.

It’s not a flaw in the game balance design. It’s a natural part of it if a game wants to survive. JWA is no different.


Here’s the thing. With JWA, it does it too fast, too much. New creatures entering and being more powerful is fine, but they need to quickly see if it’s TOO powerful or too weak and change accordingly, which we know Ludia doesnt. JWA takes the creep from power creep and replaces it with train, because that’s how fast new and way too good of creatures are coming out. I dont mind if they actually should be extremely powerful (Arctovas, Anky Lux to an extent, Parathops) because they are hard to get and should be better than their peers in one fasion. But when you get creatures like Phoru that just breaks the meta and really shouldn’t, it just gets ridiculous. (Parathops has a raid because otherwise some people may not be able to get it, Phoru has a raid because why?) And then Ludia goes and adds more like it and they aint gonna balance them for a long time. Ludia just needs to look at the new dinos and test them beforehand to see if they would dominate the meta unjustly or be a strong sidegrade to something in the meta/change the meta but with a good reason. Plus also they need to buff some older creatures to match with the newer ones (though if they buff old creatures, they shouldnt add new ones or at least new creatures that are game breaking).


yeha but…in those games do they nerf the older cards…don’t think so thast the major problem pandering to the few to the detriment of everyone else.
so your analagy is incorrect.
as for grinding hell they all grind BUT when you grind day in day out to build a great dino and team and then have the rug pulled out from underneath you…
the only fun thing about all this and i will admit i enjoy it is speculation…certain dinos seem to pop up a lot more…ahhh somethign is coming down the road…grab that lot and stock up…that…for me is fun…nerfing in the name of balancing…is not


About 3 hours a day on week days, 1 1/2 hours a day on weekends.
This seems to be more than sufficient to keep up with power creep.
My question to you?
Why do you continue to play a game that you don’t seem to enjoy?
You always seem to diss on JWA.
The last time I remember you actually giving props was the boost screen shots for inspiration.
It seems now you went anti-boost?
You should never EVER play a game that stresses you out IMO.


If the people that spend money on the game need to have newer and better dinos that warrant the money they have to spend on them, of course Ludia will provide them with what’s gonna get them to spend their money.

To placate those who don’t spend money Phoru is available. It’s strong, easy to farm and even available from raids. Yet people still complain?

Long term players will have many of the components for new dinos like the latest apex, yet still people complain?

If I was still playing with the same dinos I had in my deck 2 years ago or even one year ago I’d be bored stiff. I don’t spend much but happily spend a bit now and again as it’s worth every penny for me.

How long do you need to play to stay ahead? I have no idea as I never wanted to ‘get ahead’. I now have 2 of my 3 accounts in Gyro for the first time and I’m really happy. I play for hours and hours every day because I want to. I enjoy it and I don’t care one but that players who spend money get ahead of me. I set my own targets and they are realistic and attainable. If my target was to keep up with the likes of the top 500 players I would have given up a long time ago.


That IS power creep, by definition, but deliberate and (in the best cases) controlled power creep. Not saying that JWA is any different, I actually agree that its the same exact principle at play here, but you can’t say that its not power creep.

Like others have said, the main difference is the speed and extent of power creep in JWA. Card games like Pokemon or Magic release new sets every few moths, not on a regular monthly schedule. And even then, cards from the last several years tend to stay viable in the current format more often than not. Even for older releases, many cards or decks can remain viable if off-meta picks, while JWA can take a top meta dino like Geminititan and effectively erase its viability purely in how poorly it stacks up to new releases in a matter of months. Yes that does happen in other games too, but again think of how quickly this happens, and with how universally it just shuts down previous metas. Its just not THAT complex of a game, no matter how confusing or intricate new moves are, and there are only so many viable strategies and therefore viable dinos at a given time. The meta naturally advances much more quickly purely due to the basic team structure, but they play into that with just how much stronger most newly released dinos are compared to the ones they inevitability end up replacing.

So yes power creep isn’t unique to JWA at all, and in fact its almost certainly planned this way to keep us buying more stuff, and also just keeping the game fresh. I dont think any of us would keep playing if there weren’t any new dinos that we could viably add to our teams. But I think we can recognize that the power creep in JWA is BAD by traditional card game standards - to the point where it actually hinders the process of progressing towards those same new dinos that are demonstrating the power creep in the first place. And just because it’s intentional doesn’t mean we have to like it.


I think people put way too much pressure on themselves to climb the proverbial ladder of JWA. Maybe one of best way to enjoy the game again despite the power creep is to remember why you started playing in the first place. For most of us, it was a love of JP/JW and dinosaurs, and eventually the communities we formed around the game. If you bring back that child-like joy to your gameplay, it won’t matter if you win or lose, unlock every dinosaur when everyone else does or not. Sure, it’s fun to be competitive, but not to the point it spoils the enjoyment of something. Maybe it’s just a matter of shifting your point of view and regaining perspective. It’s fun finding dinosaurs in the wild, it’s fun battling no matter if you win or lose, and it’s especially fun hanging out with discord friend who you raid with on a daily basis.


Thats the thing though, is power creep makes it harder to play casually like this. The people who really want to be can often find the time/motivation to get their team up to par. If you aren’t as determined, simply using the same team of dinos that would have supported you just fine a few patches ago isn’t enough to keep up anymore. And you don’t NEED to have a top-meta team all the time, but you’re going to start losing more often, making you feel like you’re losing progress AND making future progress (even something as simple as collecting DNA to unlock a few new dinos) becomes more challenging. Over time, the fun if the game is lost, even for the most casual of battlers. Eventually the challenge outweighs the reward, and this actually seems to hit causual players first.


I find more joy in not trying to “keep up with the Jones’…”, as they say here in the states. If you’ve been around gaming for a while, you’ve noticed this trend… it’s not exactly unique to JWA.

World of Warcraft for instance… played right out of beta and somewhat competitively later. Every new dungeon release renders the gear you fought so many hours to obtain, pretty much useless. And if it doesn’t, then a new level cap most certainly will. If you play the game for the friendships and challenges… then it really doesn’t matter. The gear, the special coloured pixels, special apex dinos, etc., etc., are all a side benefit. I won’t get philosophical about the lessons one can take away from this because I feel there are a number… but I do agree; once the joy is gone, it’s probably better to move on to something you actually enjoy.


I used to be obsessed with having meta relevant dinos but man it’s too expensive. I find it quite cozy using my somewhat outdated dinos and not caring about the game as much. Everyone is different n all but if you can convince yourself to not care about the powercreep and don’t mind falling behind then i assure you it’s the best feeling ever. Of course though since I left my alliance I have been having it carefree and don’t get access to much coin, cash and DNA though.

I agree that it’s the speed of the creep that is the problem.

I don’t think old powerhouses should exist at the top of the tree for eternity but there’s something not right in terms of balance when it takes years to get Geminititan to L30 (with Diplo being a event exclusive and a total nightmare to dart when it does appear) and only a few months for most people to level up something new that completely annihilates it.

Another confirmation of the powercreep comes from the latter campaign missions. Try completing them with L30 older dinos and it can be challenging. You can do it with ease with some of the newly introduced dinos way below L30…

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100% agree.

Yeah. I start to think the same.

Why care.

Spening so much time to get coins and boosts.
Level up a team, and soon it is not relevant. :thinking:

This stat boost scam is not justefied!

We have been playing for so long time,

And you take our hard work away!

And Now! No boost reset!

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How does your gaming work?

Is your experience of the arena good?

Do you enjoy all dinos with so much new stats?

no, no, and no i hate arena I need indotaurus

Indotaurus is easy to obtain, as most of its ingredients spawns everywhere (rare t-rex) or on specific day (carno on friday & echo on saturday), unlike certain uniques which needs event exclusive components.

Moreover, you should’ve some indotaurus DNA from the previous tournament reward, to unlock it soon.


More and more players have to powerful teams!

I can’t keep up anymore.

Old uniques are out of date. And it makes also legendaries and rare dinos to week.

It has all gone so fast!

What to do?

You wont be able to keep up with everybody, but you can keep up with others who have the same amount of time as you.
Your ability to adapt to the changes is what will set you apart from your peers.
It’s not just effecting you, everyone else has to adapt too.

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