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JWA Project J: Sarcorixis

If you don’t know, JWA Project J is where I attempt to rebalance the entire cast to all be viable in some way or form. While uniques and apexes will still be the best cards, you could still get away with using the lower rarities to a degree.

In this instance, Sarcorixis. For an epic, sarcorixis (in its current state) is pretty good. This is a different take on Sarcorixis that will (hopefully) be balanced among the rest of the Project J cast.

Project J Sarcorixis

Role: Swapper, chipper, stunner, self-healer, escape denial.

In base JWA, this could probably be seen as an epic that needs a nerf, but trust me, it would look a lot more balanced once you see what Project J has to offer.

Who will be next?

  • Woolly Rhino
  • Monolometrodon
  • Carnotarkus

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