JWA pun challenge

So basically every day I will give you a random dino and you have to make a sentence that vaguely resembles the name. For example:
Velociraptor: we lost the wrapper

Today’s Dino is brachiosaurus. Best pun wins.

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honestly I have no idea

Brock came to sword practice

Are you a chiropractor? Because I need you to breakio my soreus.


This topic proves my mind is very unoriginal and shows me how uncreative I am when it comes to wordplay

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i give up.

And the winner of Monday’s challenge is…

Tuesday’s dino is Ornithomimus

today…is tuesday

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While Triceratops has large brow horns, Einiosaurus has a larger nose horn with a high mass.


or nith oh mime(time, rhyme) us
brack(snack) eo sur (snore, smore) us

Brachi was too easy:
Bracken are sporous.

It has to actually make sense as a sentence.

i know.
that was just to help some people make actual sentences out of them
i wasnt submitting anything

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By the way, if you have it embedded in a sentence, could you highlight or bold the actual pun just so I don’t have to look through it

At least your artwork is good!

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