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JWA: Quality of Life Improvements

QoL improvements have nothing to do with game mechanics — only with interface and game design.

here are a few examples of recent QoL improvements:
•”ghosting” creatures after event has been completed.
•running DNA total while darting.

what QoL improvements would you like to see? post each QoL improvement as a separate reply.

being able to filter items on the map by hiding/showing items by type.

moving the dart totals to near the crosshairs so it is easier to track while darting. also add percent accuracy by dividing current score by maximum current score.

allowing the map to automatically rotate based on the bearing/heading of the phone, like with gps mapping apps.

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giving a unique spawn sound to each tier of creature. that way, while waiting for a spawn (whether natural of from a scent), you’ll have an idea of the spawn without having to look.

setting a custom zoom level for the map for when the game loads.

despawn timer for all creatures which will despawn in less than five minutes, possibly displayed with a red ring or some other indicator on the map.

making the crosshairs more evidence by replacing the four small lines surrounding the center with bold white arrows to improve contrast. sometimes the center of the crosshairs gets lost as it moves across different background colors.

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allowing stops to be spun directly from the map without the need to click into them.

displaying all rewards simultaneously (like in the missed rewards display) instead of one after the other.

showing the clock and the battery in the interface.

allowing raid lobby leaders to transfer raid lobby leadership.

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allowing players to be directly added to a raid lobby by player name and number.

  1. Chat in the raid room.
  2. Button to accelerate raid animations (x2, x3…).