JWA Questions I Need Answered

I have some questions about the game I need answers to. 1. How do you counter a creature that has absorb. 2. What is taunt. 3. How do creature class such as cunning matter? 4. How do you win boss raids?

  1. Creatures with group moves. For example, Mortem rex. It has Roar, which is a group ability.
  2. Taunt is a special effect which is only activated in raids. It forces every attack to hit you only (unless it is a group move).
  3. There is a class system. There is Fierce, Resilient, and Cunning. Fierce dinos beat resilient ones. Resilient beats Cunning, and Cunning beats Fierce.
  4. Raids are beaten with a team of up to 4 players. You need a good mix of everything, such as a healer, a creature that can deal lots of damage, creatures to target the minions, and probably another group attacker. Coordination is really important. Discord is very helpful for that

Or a random hit move

  1. Group moves and bleeding are the only ways to bypass absorb. Try using or familiarizing with creatures that have “target: all opponents” in the description of their abilities. Some examples are Mortem Rex’s Roar, Group Decelerating Rampage, Group Cunning Impact, etc.

  2. Taunt is an effect that has no use in PvP. This effect makes the whole opposing team focus only on the creature who taunted, which is why it’s only useful for raids. Do keep in mind that random attacks (like Ceramagnus Boss’ Random Piercing Rampage) and group attacks ignore taunt.

  3. The game follows a class system that works like a rock-paper-scissors. Cunning beats fierce, fierce beats resilient, resilient beats cunning. Mixed classes are those who work well against 2 classes, and Wildcards work well against all of them.

  4. First of all, get a good alliance and very big creatures. Apex raids are the most difficult ones and need lots of patience and effort to be completed. After you get all of that, you just need a strategy, from which there are dozens for every single boss. Rare and Epic raids can often be won with random creatures as long as they can counter the boss. Legendary raids do need some strategy and somewhat leveled creatures, and Unique Raids are just nerfed Apex Raids.


U probably need only 2 players if ur doing a rare raid and minimal of 3 for epics

(They need to be good creatures and high lvl)

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Cunnings are to counter Fierce class and causes DMG reduct to all creatures with certain moves. Fierce has the ability to counter Resilient, a class that can counter Cunning, Fierce Creatures can break through armor or shields depending on the moveset. Some Fierce classes have the ability to stop vulnerability (Makes your creature take more damage if inflicted upon) and have little to no armor ( FierceHybrids mostly have armor if having resilient class with them) Resilient class counters Cunning by stopping DMG Reduct and dodging (Cunning primarily have dodges) if having a precise move. It can also slow down creatures that are faster as well.

So uh short summary of what beats what since IDK what some are since I’m a low tier player

Cunning beat Fierce, Fierce beats Resilient, and Resilient beats Cunning