JWA Rebalanced Part 3: JWA But Everything Is Equally Avaliable And Playable?

It’s been a while since Part 2. Anyway, as a little refresher this is just JWA being made by me so it’s not meant to be taken seriously. If you like the idea of some dinos being harder to get but being tougher than another, that’s understandable.

Ok, so the thing here is, starting with commons, and even here, some outclass others. Velociraptor outclasses Deinocherius and Deinonychus and to a degree, even the tough cookie Tanycolagreus. And this is when it comes to their jobs, taking out chompers (tany is different but y’know.) Some fare better against tanks but the thing here is that, despite having different niche’s, should be equally viable and playable.


There you go, 4 equally playable speedsters, Whether you want a quick, class canny damage dealer, a very bulky dual rampager on revenge, a great anti-speedster speedster, or a very fast, bulky but low damage dodger.

This is the idea, making it so nothing outclasses the other thing in its own rarity. You’ll see how this plays out once I rebalance every rarity (except apexes. they’re too new.)

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