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JWA restarts when switching between apps

Bug Description:

JWA restarts when switching between apps.

Area is was found in:


How do you reproduce the bug:

Step 1- Open JWA, play game
Step 2 - Get text from girlfriend, open text app, reply
Step 3 - Switch back to JWA, app restarts itself

How often does it happen:

Every time I switch between JWA and another app; also happens when replying to texts from wife.

What type of device are you using:

Essential PH-1, Android Pie

Anything else?

This behaviour seems to have been introduced during the last update.


I don’t think the game has the ability to run in the background

it definitely did before the last update - i used to be able to send and receive texts, email, browse, etc, and then switch right back again.

i can still turn off my screen, leave it be for a while, and come back to it still open and playable, but something in the switching is not making it happy,

I know how to fix this, i just cant remember how😬 i had the same problem
There is an option in phone settings and you have to turn it off or on. Let me try and find it

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Unless it’s an app that can overlay JWA, your game will freeze for a short while… Say like a chat head on messenger or something is okay to open, send a message and your game will be fine. Never had it completely restart before though

Check and see if this option is on or off.
It is in developer options in phone settings. If it is on everytime you come out of something it closes it down forcing it to be restarted


thanks for the advice - it wasn’t on, so thats good, but on the flip side, jwa restarted when i went to check on this setting.


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i’ll try replying inline, right via the pop up, to see if that helps.


Oh thats a shame🤔 maybe a ram problem?have you got a lot of apps open in the background?

Usually a RAM problem. When there’s not enough available, Android is killing some app

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@VargRanger @quakeur

good call, both of you, and thanks - i didn’t have many visible apps open, but hidden things were taking up 3.6 of my 3.9.

let’s see what i can do about that.

Am I the only one that saw the “texts from girlfriend and wife”. Got a chuckle out of that.


your observational skills are noted and appreciated.

Perhaps his wife is his girlfriend! Role playing is fun!

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