JWA Retro? JWA Lite?

I think if Lydia wanted to make even more money they should introduce a pared down version of the game… Not sure how hunting would go, but I like the idea of JWA Retro. As in, the game as it was around 1.5 - 1.9

I’d pay for that.


I would too… should be before 1.7 though, NO boosts, level 26 max. Aviary top arena… no sancs, no raids no requesting dna, no tournaments…… no monstrous hybrids… only DC’s swap in defence shattering rampage to worry about……ah those were the days just hunting, spinning, striketowers and PvP :grin::pray:

They could probably just add a retro arena to the game… Kind of like a tourney arena. Even if you had to get VIP to access it, I’d do it