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JWA ruins our lives

Everyone complains but I want to tell you how good I feel!
Since I haven’t logged into the game for days, I have woken up and wake up every day in a new world. My dreams are not haunted anymore by wishful visions of maps dotted with epic strikes, green event drops and treasure chests. I can start the day by not having to run to my devices. Not having missed an incubator or perhaps an epic spawn gives such freedom!
The fun and the challenge are long gone and made room for frustration because of crazy boosted Thors in arena, bugs and more bugs. The list is endless (raid invites, game crashes, the terrible lagginess etc etc) and despite promises and moderators saying “our team is looking into this”, Ludia doesn’t solve them. On the contrary! In the race for money Ludia may have forgotten that a game should be fun and relaxing.
I feel Alive😉
I made the right choice for my family, my friends, my husband. Join me for the sake of yourself, your friends and family… u won’t regret a bit.


Yeah, I’ll pass, I get why some are frustrated but the game is still fun for me 95% of the time, so I don’t see why I should quit rn


I rather live in denial, thank you.


haha congratulations ! you hacked the game and won !

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Quit before. Regretted it. You enjoy your life, I’ll enjoy mine. I’ve made friends over JWA, and I ain’t gonna lose that.


I quit post