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JWA Sets Language At Install/Reinstall?



It’s very hard to translate localized words to english, because many of them are JWA exclusive.
It’s not a problem until I go to this forum (or alliance chat) and want to talk about game, some words i really don’t know how is in english, and have to search some references inside forum itself or metahub before.

So, let me ask something, once we have not an option to change language:

  • For Android devices, when the app sets (and maybe download) language data? When install game? When launch?

That’s because I wanna try a trick: change phone language to US-English and then make JWA app sets itself to that language, then change phone back to my language.
If I uninstall - change - install again would it set to english? Is the language flag stored in my online user data?

Thank you for help. :slight_smile:


well… i couldn’t wait for some tip, and tried the trick:

after change phone language, next jwa app launch will be that new language.
if change phone app again, jwa app language changes too.

so, i changed phone to us-english, uninstalled jwa app, rebooted phone, installed jwa again, and got jwa in english. but, then, changed phone back to my language and guess what: jwa changed at next launch to match phone again.

so, it seems jwa app already has languages, and are set to phone main language at launch. :frowning:

at least now i have some workaround to check jwa things names other than search forum/metahub:
i keep english as phone second language. then change phone to english, launch jwa and check what i want, then change phone back to local language.


so, let me call my own topic: