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JWA SG Alliance looking for new members to join our family

Hello, we are from Singapore. Although our core group are from Singapore but we welcome members from around the world. We always achieve 10/10 in alliance missions within 6 days and 3 Level20 Sanctuaries to farm DNA. We have telegram groups to help each other in raiding bosses from Mon to Thurs. We are looking for active players to join our family. Interested please pm me and we can share more information.

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i wanna join

Hi Javon, we are an established alliance. We have the following requirements.

Alliance name: JWA SG
Weekly Rewards: 10/10
Tournament Tier rewards: >8
Discord/ other chat requirements: Telegram
Introduction: We will be doing housekeeping to remove parasites to make room for new contributing members.
Trophy Requirement: 3500
Level Requirement: 16
Alliance Expectations: get your 10 kills in tournament, daily 10 creatures takedown for DBI, don’t place in 3 level 20 co-op sancts.
Other information: A full force alliance with some members counted among the strongest in the game. We always get all your raids cleared, with captoratus as the raid meister.

Let me if you can fulfill them especially the requirement parts.

Thank you.