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JWA SG recruiting 2.members

Hi all,

I am the leader of JWA SG. We are a 5/4 alliance.which hits 5/5 whenever the rewards are.good. We are friendly but committed alliance mainly from Singapore.

We are.looking for 2 committed members who 2 to.3 hours a day. Do DBI daily. Battle 20 battles a day and open 10.incubators a day.

Willing to join Telegram and willing do follow instructions.

If you are interested, reply here and I will PM you the Telegram link.for.your interview.

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This has nothing to do with the post but are you actually from Singapore? If so, hey neighbor!

Yes I am from Singapore as is much of my alliance.

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Say hi to Par2Par and Birdie2Birdie (Emmanuelle) from me! They were in Pounce before and were nice people.

Well then, hello again neighbor!

Hey, I am interested in joining your alliance
I am a level 20 player From Mexico i have over 5000 Trophies Right now
Here is a picture of my profile

sent you a PM

please join our Telegram

We are full. Will post a new post when space appears.

Is there a requirement to have all maxxed boosts? :smile:

Nah… Just need to follow.instructions. I dun need dog. Just players who want to work hard and reap the rewards

Had a few bad experiences with “top” players who treat the alliance like their DNA pool to build their own team and refuse to go along with the plan.

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Hi, can I join? Also from SG

Currently full. Will inform you if space opens up

Pmed you. We are currently considering a few options for the alliance. So would like to find out more about you.

SG player here. play on a daily basis…

I’m an SG player too. Play on a daily basis, but I’m only level 10. Just trying to get into a local alliance.

I am a beginner but I am from SG

PMed both of you

Hi, new player from sg. Looking for guild

Hi, I just happen to chance upon your alliance and I’m so excited to join :’) as I thought I’m the only one in sg playing the game! Been active player for 1 yr. And I’m sick of my alliance for not cooperating to get level 20 sanctuary 🤦 Let me know how I can go about it?

have PMed you