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JWA SG recruiting 2 members

JWA SG recruiting again! Weekly 10/10 with 2* level 20 sanctuaries. Hit tier 5 for current tourney and anticipate tier 8 and up for next tourney after they dropped requirements. Mix of spenders and non spenders, so place for everyone.

For skilled tournaments, analysis is done and recommended lineups are provided for all to refer. With grinding, even non spenders have hit top 100+ globally in skilled tournaments.

Need actives. Help us grow and we grow together!

PM me if you think you have what it takes. Thanks.


I can join. In jwa, my name is Quader and I’m active, especially in battling.

Which lv u at if ur still looking for a alliance?

I’m lvl 14, have 4,000 trophies; just got my first unique. My alliance just recently went from good to bad. I’m now in an alliance so I’m all good

Srry we were just recruiting for new members but u could still add me on discord is MegalodonGamer#6965 we are a very good alliance we have 2 lv 20 sanctuaries and we are in rank 154 in alliance tournaments we might be recruiting soon add me on discord

Nvm if u weren’t looking for one

Hi i would like to join your clan is there any availabilty? Active player. Tks