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What if we all the users instead of using the top unique dinos or legendaries, play only with commons so that the higher dinos lose relevance

Nice idea but would never happen. People are too competitive for that.

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yeah but it will also be competitive with the commons if all we use it of course

They would nerf the commons and buff the other rarities obviously!!!

but thats not the point dude xD

The balancing happens off combat data they record of all the arena battles played. It would look to them like the commons where unbalanced so they would definitely get nerfed lol

Yeah they balance solely on analytics… ive seen very little evidence they play their own game… which is why stuff like original monomimus, 1.3 indo, draco g2 with 1 turn lockdown… happens. Gross miscalculations and whatnot… any kind of play testing would have given them a clue.