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JWA Special items dream list

Right, now we know boosts has become a reality n is the primary cause of major anguish among the players(me included), albeit unintentionally. I tot why not create a list of improbable items in the same vein as boosts, a dream list if you will, just for some fun amidst all the gloom n doom. Who knows they might just become reality in future…off the top of my head:

  1. Pack of Homing darts: yup once released, they hit the target 100% everytime, n you don’t even need to aim!
  2. “Select your dinos” incubator: self explanatory

That is actually a great idea…love the homing darts since I am terrible at darting…lol.


Same here @Stormi_Wolffe!
@DJAlz, I’m so dreamy-eyed about your 2 off the top of your head suggestions that I cannot think of anymore :star_struck::rofl:

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Yea think the dart sales will shoot thru the roof if ever there is another St Patrick’s day event lol

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For sure. .I’d b the first one in line at the store for those… :slight_smile:

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How have you been Lady? I havent seen u around in a bit

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Special homing darts would be good. You get a direct hit so long as you hit in the circle.


was thinking of full auto homing, but I guess a bit of aiming required is still ok :smile:

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I’ve been good! Migraine attacks are why I’m ever missing. Thank you for asking @Stormi_Wolffe!

Give us rapid fire drones lol. No more dry fires or waiting for drone to reload.

I mean gatling guns been around ever since that dentist made them for the old west…

Shouldn’t be hard for the devs just enter “Vietnam” in the rate of fire speed section

Something that would be great is the addition of Buildings.
Don’t remember where did i first saw this, but in exchange of resources, you can place buildings on the map, with which people can interact.
Maybe something like a trading station(Converts DNA from a dino to another), a better shop(DNA/Boosts), or a fusing station (Which is basically fusing but with more productive fuses overall).
note that after 2 weeks of inactivity, the building will dissapear.

That’s an example of something i would like to be added.


Homing darts on a unique event :joy::rofl:

Interesting idea, or maybe ludia should put some stations in the map so everyone can use them

That or something in this order will be enough for me :wink:

sure why not… besides all the hackers have it.

Vitamine : Before Battle (pve) your first dino gain +200 Hp and 100 Attack

Precise shot equipment : after first dna shot, gain +40% dna per shot during 6 second

Food bait: after first dna shot, reduce 30% Dinosaure’s Speed during 5 second.

Critical shot equipment: after first dna shot, critical shot garanteed during 4s

Superior incubator: choose between 2 common, 2 rare and/or epic from specific incubator.

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No worries soon 1 year anniversary supposed to be we gonna get those darts and 10 different unique to dart🤣

those are some interesting ideas there! :star_struck:

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I hope u feel better soon…I have 2 hood friends that have probs with those as well

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