JWA Spin-off Story 1: Ep 1. OG Indom's Return

At the lagoon of Isla Nublar

Dracorex Gen 2: I want you to revive the one who brought upon the destruction of Jurassic World
Velosrhacos: Why?
Dracorex Gen 2: To get revenge on the ones who resulted in the death of my entire bloodline.
Velosrhacos: I see. Vivifica est anima mea (Revive this soul in Latin)
A huge white hand with four long claws comes bursting out of the ashes as a wide evil smirk (so this is where Dracoceratops got it from) comes across Dracorex Gen 2’s face.
Dracorex Gen 2: They will all die

I’m not to creative so trying to make this interesting with plot twists