[JWA Spinoff Story] Part 1: The New King

This is the story of Dracoceratops and his original reign. Thank you @JurassicWolf for such an amazing universe.

Procerathomimus: (Hurrying to Dracoceratops’ quarters) (Knocks on the door)

Dracoceratops: Who is it?

Procerathomimus: (Opens the door and enters) Young prince, it is done. Your father is dead.

Dracoceratops: What?!?!? You actually went through with it?

Procerathomimus: Yes, I did. It will further our plans of unlimited power.

Dracoceratops: How did he die?

Procerathomimus: Easy, I just snuck in and injected him with some poison. I was gone before he realized what happened.

Dracoceratops: Okay, I see. What of the guards?

Procerathomimus: Pffft. The guards? They’re as dumb as rocks. They couldn’t see or hear me anyways because I evaded them.

Dracoceratops: So what’s the plan now?

Procerathomimus: Well, you have to visit your father now…

Hope you like it

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Nice :+1: (10 chars)


You have slowly but surely started a series of fanfics from your story.